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Reopening gyms

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barbs72 Thu 09-Jul-20 12:54:55

The news to reopen gyms and leisure facilities in mid-July is worrying especially since I am a member of a gym and have been social distancing since April.
Do they know how the virus travels when someone is breathing heavily when exercising, surely the potential for being infected would be much higher. People who do not realise they are infected could be on the machine next to you.
I don't know whether I trust the government or not. I know it is important to keep exercising for health benefits, but how can they keep gym members and staff safe in that environment. Its all down to the pressure of the leisure industry I suppose and I'll have to start paying my monthly subscription which is annoying

GrannyGravy13 Thu 09-Jul-20 12:59:52

Our gym started classes in our local park this week, all participants have to use hand sanitiser before beginning class, we keep the same set of weights all the way through. Social distancing is kept throughout and weights are sanitised at the end.

They are preparing for reopening, smaller classes machines are all over 2M apart cleaned between each user really looking forward to it.

tanith Thu 09-Jul-20 13:03:59

I’m actually not sure if I’m going to restart my gym membership when it reopens I’ve been doing a lot more walking and do a short routine and weights every day. Maybe in the Winter I’ll feel differently.

Ellianne Thu 09-Jul-20 13:09:40

Pilates in the park here too for a few weeks now. Of course, it's the summer so it is working well. Lots of personal trainers are working outside too.
I wouldn't be keen to return to the gym especially as most of them are air conditioned and the virus would run riot.
It's interesting there hasn't been much of a furore about swimming pools being closed. I guess most of them actually belong to local authorities, so that will be why.

toscalily Thu 09-Jul-20 13:24:45

I have Gym membership but mainly for the Yoga & Pilates classes and swimming. Have attended for years in a large studio with approx 20/24 people which is what our very popular classes are normally like. I cannot now imagine feeling comfortable while doing the class and after using the changing rooms.

ExD Thu 09-Jul-20 13:35:30

I imagine its the changing rooms which are the problem, I know this is the case at the hydro therapy pool I attend.

wildswan16 Thu 09-Jul-20 14:09:30

You just have to make your own decision. I think a lot of "older" people will not return to the gym for a considerable time yet. Many have found other ways of doing their daily exercise and may decide gym membership isn't a priority any more.

On the other hand - jobs are already scarce and it is unfortunate if even more people are laid off. However, health safety, especially for us older ones, comes first.

TerriBull Thu 09-Jul-20 14:13:23

I'm not going back until this virus has disappeared. I wrote to mine a few weeks ago telling them that and giving them notice, but as yet, no response. I imagine all the equipment will have to be suitable distanced. At my gym there were always a hardcore of young men gathered together, obviously to spur each other on in their endeavours around certain pieces of equipment. I imagine those groups will have to disperse now. In any event there are so many different parts that encompass the whole health club, which members have to pass through and where interaction takes place. I imagine it will be a monumental task for them to get it right. There's a lot of sections, changing rooms/showers, toilets (several) gym/studios for classes, spa, hairdresser, squash courts, restaurant/bar, children's soft play area, indoor swimming pool, outdoor swimming pool, the latter gets overwhelmingly busy on hot days. I've just decided I can do without all of it for the time being, I've been walking in the park practically every day so will carry on with that.

MayBee70 Thu 09-Jul-20 15:29:52

It’s a difficult one, isn’t it, because it’s so important for people to get fit and keep fit. And a gym is a way of doing so by just using the machines for a short amount of time. I’m trying to walk more now that I can’t go to the gym but it seems to take up an awful lot of time and I still find myself in situations where people are ignoring social distancing. But the sort of deep breathing that people do at gyms is incredibly dangerous. I certainly won’t be renewing my membership but I miss it more than everything else. I don’t see how indoor gyms can be made safe at all unless they open up all the windows and/or develop Covid safe air con or heating systems.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 09-Jul-20 15:39:07

Our council are beginning to consider charging the gym instructors as they are trashing the grass etc. In the parks.

Calendargirl Thu 09-Jul-20 18:04:03

I swim and do aquacise normally. Don’t know how it will all work out.

I imagine the pool will be laned, and only so many in at a time. Beach ready before swim, not sure how changing rooms and showers will be sorted.

Also booked sessions and maybe a limit on how long you can swim.

Some people have annual memberships, they swim daily, so won’t be happy if they can’t go for as long or as often as previously.

heath480 Thu 09-Jul-20 18:10:59

I am 72,I swim daily a minimum of 1,00 metres.I have really missed it during lockdown and imagine it will take a while to get back to my previous fitness level.

I will be going as soon as I can.

ladymuck Thu 09-Jul-20 18:30:09

I agree that the gym environment is not the healthiest place to be during any epidemic. The moist atmosphere caused by all those sweaty, gasping customers is the ideal place for germs to spread; even with large gaps between equipment and air conditioning.
I think this is another case when people should follow their own instincts, and use their common sense.

Franbern Fri 10-Jul-20 18:13:19

Nobody is being forced to go to gyms, etc.

But all these comments have been said previously, at each ulee change came in. And, the doom merchants kept prophecising a spike after VE day celebrations, Beach attendances by families, and the BLM demos.

Life has to start returning, and there is already so much unemployment and this will definitely rise, much faster than any problems with the virus.

People must make their own decisions regarding their own lives and risks they wish to take.

Swimming pool continuing closure has seemed weird to me Chlorine is bleach so surely, these places must be one of the safest indoor facility to attend.

MerylStreep Fri 10-Jul-20 18:21:22

Spot on.^nobody is being forced to go to the gyms,etc^

MayBee70 Fri 10-Jul-20 18:53:13

It’s the changing rooms that are the problems In swimming pools I would imagine. Then again there’s s chlorine everywhere isn’t there. . But with gyms people will be breathing much deeper and if they are presymptomatic or asymptomatic they will breathe out more of the virus.

Franbern Sat 11-Jul-20 10:05:59

MayBee70 - if it worries you then just don't go. But let others also have a choice

MayBee70 Sat 11-Jul-20 11:03:04

I’m not stopping anyone from doing anything: just pointing out that the deeper breathing in gyms could result in a greater viral load if the rooms aren’t adequately ventilated. If others want to risk it sobeit.

dontmindstayinghome Sat 11-Jul-20 11:37:42

My gym sent questionnaires out last week and updates on what procedures will be in place. They also invited comments and suggestions for how we can improve safety for everyone.
I suggested an appointment system so numbers using gyms at any one time can be strictly controlled.

I will be returning to my gym as soon as it reopens.
I will not use changing rooms and I will wear a mask and gloves where appropriate and safe to do so - and I will keep my distance from other users!

We have to learn to live with this virus - and overall, we are actually doing this very well at the moment - despite the very poor handling of it by our government!

Calendargirl Mon 13-Jul-20 09:58:14

I went swimming this morning at 6.30am, not my usual indoor pool, but an outdoor one a few miles away.

You had to pre-book a slot, limited numbers, go in your swimwear, laned pool, outside showers, loos, changing rooms, and be finished well in the allotted time as had to be cleaned for next slot.

Really enjoyed it, felt much fitter than I had thought I would, but no doubt will ache in a day or so.

Fine, warmish day, although heated pool, not so good if it were a cold day.

Witzend Mon 13-Jul-20 10:06:47

I’m not a gym bunny, looking forward to going back to the open air (heated) pool, though.
It’s not many miles from Heathrow and directly under the usual flight path, so the aircraft would pass quite low and very frequently overhead - I used to do roughly one and a half lengths per plane.
It’s going to be a lot quieter now, I’m sure.