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Jaxjacky Thu 23-Jul-20 10:31:33

Anyone been to an optician recently? I’d like some new glasses and sunglasses, but wary of close contact during fitting. It’s not urgent and perhaps this service is not available yet, I normally use Asda in store opticians.

Franbern Thu 23-Jul-20 15:39:34

Oh yes, should have had my annual check up in April. So pleased when the optician I had chosen opened again. It is was really pleasant, never for a minute did I feel in any danger.

Nothing like the close contact of a dentist or hairdresser, etc. We both wore masks, although problems caused with this misting up the lenses.

So pleased I went, got change of prescription for my long distance driving glasses, new reading glasses and new lenses in my varifocals.

Major problem was the usual one - the cost of these!!!!