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5-HTP, anyone have experience of it, or similar?

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Namsnanny Sat 25-Jul-20 20:28:12

Just that really.
If you post Thank you.

kittylester Sat 25-Jul-20 20:44:18

I have never heard of it,sorry.

Luckyoldbeethoven Sat 25-Jul-20 21:32:09

Yes, I take it under the name Serotone which I buy from Higher Nature, excellent online supplier, very sound products. You can also buy from Holland and Barrett.

I find it easy to take. It gently lifts my spirits, helps me sleep, has no side effects and no no addictive qualities. But as with all these things, different people react differently so to be tried cautiously.

I expect someone will post a link with terrifying warnings. I'll just counter by saying my GP gaily recommended St John's Wort which I found horrible to take. We all metabolise things differently.

Namsnanny Sat 25-Jul-20 22:21:35

Thats ok Kittylester

Luckyoldbeethoven... Thank you! A very clear answer, with lots of
If you dont mind me asking, what was the matter with taking St Johns Wort? Of course feel free not to comment if you want to.

Luckyoldbeethoven Sat 25-Jul-20 23:32:26

Namsnanny at first I just thought that St John's Wort had lifted my mood, I felt generally more cheerful but then I started to feel a bit manic and rather agitated. It stopped as soon as I stopped taking it. I did a bit of research and discovered that you have to experiment with the dosage and that different brands offered different amounts of the herb. It was all a bit too much for me.

This was a couple of years ago when I was a bit depressed and for the first time ever visited my GP. To my amazement he suggested St John's Wort, told me where to buy it and ushered me out of the door. The new NHS?! I don't take anything now apart from vitamin D, C and a multi vitamin b!