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Anyone had laser eye treatment for sight improvement?

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Fatbirdslim Sun 26-Jul-20 15:36:11

HI. I really don't like wearing glasses but I now need them for close and long sight sad I have been thinking about having laser eye work to improve things but haven't been able to trace any personal experience information.
Anyone on here had it? Recommend it? How long does it last? Is it painful or unpleasant? Recommended suppliers? Anyone had it and DON'T recommend it? Would really like to know more. Thanks.

Charleygirl5 Sun 26-Jul-20 15:45:14

A friend of a friend had it done and ended up with double vision. I have thought about it and if it goes well it does work well but if there is a problem rarely can it be fixed.

I find it very telling you will not find an ophthalmogist who has had it done. I will keep my two pairs of glasses.

Kate1949 Sun 26-Jul-20 15:48:41

I've worn contact lenses for almost 50 years. They suit me fine. I wouldn't bother with laser treatment at my age. Good luck with your search.

Ramblingrose22 Sun 26-Jul-20 16:08:35

I had elective cataract surgery because I was fed up with wearing glasses all the time. Afterwards I was left with residual astigmatism in one eye and I still need glasses for reading. The "reading" lens didn't work because of the astigmatism and another problem that had developed in that eye.

My consultant advised that I could have laser treatment to get rid of the astigmatism and that this procedure was 95 per cent successful so it doesn't work in very case.

I said I'd think about it. 2 years after my surgery the lens in the "good" eye became defective through a manufacturing fault and I had to have it removed and replaced. Having further eye surgery was very scary.

Even without that, I was put off laser treatment for two reasons. Firstly, I have had enough of eye surgery.

Secondly, I have thin corneas so I would have to have a type of laser treatment that takes longer to recover from.

Lastly, my optician advised me against it and I respect his knowledge and experience from having been in practice for nearly 40 years.

Laser treatment may carry different risks to surgery where an incision is made but it still has risks. Read the reviews on laser treatment - especially when carried out by the companies who specialise in it. That is the best way of finding out what these risks are and whether they are worth it.

Missfoodlove Sun 26-Jul-20 16:30:55

A close friend had it done through a well known national company.
5 years in she is still having surgery to correct the mess they made.
She is lucky to still have her sight.
Don’t do it.

Nannarose Sun 26-Jul-20 17:30:06

Talking to various eye specialists, it seems a broad rule that the risks are worth it if your sight is very bad (when appropriate it can make a huge difference) or if work / important pastime means that it makes a big difference to you (diving is a common example)
The risks, even though they are not huge, are probably not worth it for mild eyesight problems, or the usual age deterioration.

Have you tried varifocals? They really don't suit some people, but I get on very well with mine - they just go on in the morning and come off at night. I have a pair of very strong glasses for very fine work, they stay in my sewing room. When at work, I used varifocal contact lenses, but can't justify the cost now. Varifocal glasses are not cheap, but neither is laser surgery!

Sunlover Sun 26-Jul-20 17:37:14

Myself, my husband and two daughters had ours done years ago. For all of us it was the best thing. I now need to wear glasses for reading but my distance vision is fine still. Really glad I had it done.

MiniMoon Sun 26-Jul-20 17:45:14

I brought it up with my optician a few years ago. She advised against it for me as I would still need spectacles, so I didnt take it any further.

I have cataracts developing. I'm waiting until I need those dealt with. My late MiL was astounded at how good her vision was once shed had her cataracts removed.

tickingbird Sun 26-Jul-20 18:07:30

I had it done 12 years ago to correct short sightedness. Best thing ever. My eyes were bad and I had astigmatism. 6 months after the first op they did one eye again as they had under corrected. As one eye us slightly less corrected I can still get by without reading glasses.

As an afterthought, I wouldn’t expect any optician to recommend laser eye surgery as it would put them out of business! I had mine done with Optimax and have no complaints.

blondenana Sun 26-Jul-20 23:43:02

I had cataracts done about 10 years ago, maybe less,time flies
I had to have lazer on one eye afterwards,which was fine and i didn't feel a thing,but it was on the nhs after the cataract op,
Not sure if it's the same type of treatment, but my sight isn't as good now as straight after the cataract surgery, that was amazing
I have head good and bad about private lazer surgery, maybe research and see reviews if possible

Fatbirdslim Mon 27-Jul-20 10:04:35

Thank you all so much for your help, opinions and information. It does seem its a bit of a gamble but the benefits are great when it goes well.
Looks like I'll just have to give it more thought.
Thanks all.

Framilode Mon 27-Jul-20 11:33:36

My husband had it done in the late l980's, when it first came out. His distance eyesight is still perfect all these years later.

Squiffy Mon 27-Jul-20 12:44:11

I find it very telling you will not find an ophthalmogist who has had it done. I will keep my two pairs of glasses.

Exactly my thoughts! Speaks volumes! 🤓