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Hip fracture recovery

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Notjustaprettyface Mon 27-Jul-20 22:23:47

My husband who is 79 years old has just suffered a hip fracture ( left ) and he is coming out of hospital tomorrow after 2,weeks in there
He is coming home as there is no intermediate place round where we live for him to go to and get physio rehab
I am going to try and organise private physio as we have been told we won’t get much from the nhs
Generally speaking , I think I am really worried that he won’t make a full recovery
He is also due to have a hip replacement on the right hip and that operation was cancelled because of Covid
Now we are waiting for another date but with this more recent problem , I just don’t know what to think , I can’t see an end to all this
Has anybody else had experience of a hip fracture and what sort of recovery has been achieved ?
Would be grateful for any shared experiences

tanith Mon 27-Jul-20 22:29:39

I had an elderly relative who broke her hip in a fall from a ladder at 82 it took her a while but she fully recovered after a year or so and lived on till 93, I think you’re wise to arrange physio yourselves.

Luckygirl Mon 27-Jul-20 22:31:01

My husband fell and fractured his hip in February of last year. As far as his hip was concerned - that mended very quickly and gave him little trouble.

He had a lot of other problems though - he had PD and the general trauma of it all caused him lots of difficulties. But the hip mended just fine.

Jane43 Mon 27-Jul-20 22:33:09

My friend’s mother recently fell and fractured her hip. She is over 80 and making a good recovery.

Notjustaprettyface Mon 27-Jul-20 22:39:33

Hi lucky girl what’s pd ?

Esspee Tue 28-Jul-20 07:23:57

I read PD as peritoneal dialysis but may be wrong Notjustaprettyface

Purpledaffodil Tue 28-Jul-20 07:27:28

PD is Parkinson’s Disease.