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Root canal procedure

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Sheena Tue 04-Aug-20 17:26:38

Having had months of toothache .. and not able to see my dentist all through lockdown, I eventually managed to see her and she started the root canal two weeks ago. This was on UR5 , the second pre molar.

Unfortunately she could only find one canal and so washed that out and put a temp filling on. Sadly the toothache continued , and I also had a lot of discomfort on the right side of my nose and in the gums of my two front teeth.

I went back last Thursday for the dentist to have another go... I was in the chair for and hour and 10 minutes which for me is pure torture as I am a very nervous patient.
This time she did manage to locate the second canal, but only managed to treat a tiny bit.

She filled this and the first canal with the final cement, and put another temp filling on top, and I go back tomorrow .... if all is well she will then remove that and place a permanent filling.
However.... all is NOT well.. it still feels really uncomfy, lots of twinges and ache in the tooth and in my cheek. And also the ache and feeling of pressure is still in my top teeth and nose. Most unpleasant.

I am now so bothered that this has failed. I do realise that root canals may take days/weeks to ease, but I am fretting that as she couldn't find the whole of that second canal, that this procedure is doomed.

I am sure many of you have had root canal treatments... so does this sound right to you?

Back in March before lockdown I did see a maxfax specialist and had a full face x ray, and also a CT scan of my face... but nothing untoward showed up. But he suspected that UR5 and possibly UR4 were to blame.

For those of you who have had a root canal done, may I ask.. did your dentist use a "dam" (I have seen this on You Tube and read about it) .... mine didn't.
And also I am fretting maybe I should have gone to a root canal specialist, but my dentist said she would do it, and a friend of mine who uses the same practice has had two done there so I thought all would be well.

I am panicking now, and dreading tomorrow's appointment and yet at the same time just want to get this sorted as it's so horrid.

Thanks for reading.. sorry for the long post.

Fennel Tue 04-Aug-20 17:47:20

I had what I think was a 'root canal' treatment 15 years ago.
I had had recurrent pain in the tooth and my dentist at the time decided eventually that I needed to have the nerve removed. Which he did, but I'll never forget the pain when he actually took the nerve out.When I got down from the chair I fell to the floor!
No trouble since. They do charge you for each appt. before the actual procedure.

Fennel Tue 04-Aug-20 17:49:51

ps that was a back molar and I still have it.
But I wouldn't take this average for root canal, there must be many other versions.

SueDonim Tue 04-Aug-20 18:01:21

I’ve had several root canals done. One of them was a difficult one as you describe but in the end it all resolved itself and I didn’t need any more treatment.

I hope yours settles down, too. flowers

Sparklefizz Tue 04-Aug-20 18:41:01

Sheena I have had 2 or 3 root canals done and yes, a rubber dam was used each time.

gillybob Tue 04-Aug-20 18:46:48

Oh Sheena I could’ve almost written your post except mine is my front tooth . It started back in November and I’ve had it opened and closed 5 times now . It is currently open and has been since March while I await an appointment with a Maxillo Facial consultant . At one point My face was so swollen my left eye was closed and I’ve had 7 -8 lots of antibiotics . I can’t breath through my nose and the pain in my cheek bone is awful . I am sure that the dentist has damaged something .

Daisymae Tue 04-Aug-20 19:08:30

I have had root canal work in the past and it went relatively smoothly. I wonder if it would be less traumatic to have the tooth removed? I have a couple of gaps and have not had a problem since extraction and I didn't feel a thing. Gillybob - same for you, I know it is your front tooth but a friend of mine had an implant after removal. It was expensive though.

Curlywhirly Tue 04-Aug-20 19:14:55

I have had a few root canals done, the most recent ones by a root canal specialist (private dental practice). A rubber dam was used each time. The latest one I have had done was 12 months ago; the specialist said he would leave it 6 months before the permanent crown was fitted after he carried out the root canal work (previously I had a large filling in the tooth, but now needed it crowning) so a temporary crown was fitted. He wanted to leave 6 months gap so he could take a further x-ray to make sure all infection had gone before the permanent crown went on. Also, one of the root canals was bent (like the number 7 which is quite unusual) and he wanted to ensure that all was well, and there were no gaps that he hadn't filled (if all was not well he was going to scan the area which gives a more indepth view of things). Because of Covid, the 6 months has turned into 12 months and I still have the temporary crown on. He has just x-rayed the root canals again and all the infection has gone and I will have the permanent crown on soon. Can I just say that I have never ever encountered any pain during root canal work, so presume it may be down to the actual dentist's methods if you do have pain. Also, I had no pain during the days after the surgery. If you are still experiencing pain, something is not right, surely your dentist should be carrying out more investigations as to why you are still in pain. Good luck.

maddyone Tue 04-Aug-20 19:18:49

Oh you poor thing. I’ve had two or three root canals done with no problems in the past. However I’ve had a terrible problem during lockdown with three pieces of root left behind after an extraction five or six years ago, and they have become infected. I need to see a maxfac surgeon, and after a long period of messy about, and on antibiotics for two solid months, I’m getting them removed on Thursday.
I think the closing down of dentistry during the Covid19 crisis has been a complete disgrace.

Sunlover Tue 04-Aug-20 20:08:48

I’m also in the middle of root canal work/ new crown. Started before lockdown. At the moment I’m awaiting the new crown. To be honest it’s near the back and I’ve coped well with a gap and if I’d known how little anyone could see the gap I’d probably have gone down the route of extraction.

watermeadow Wed 05-Aug-20 20:53:35

My dentist tried root canal filling a troublesome molar but the canals were calcified and she couldn’t do it. Yesterday she took out the tooth.
Local anaesthetics are marvellous now. I felt no pain except the initial jab. Glad to be rid of the tooth which has hurt for most of 6 months after a chunk of it broke off.

Sheena Thu 06-Aug-20 07:10:14

Thanks everyone for your comments .. very much appreciated.

Gingergirl Thu 06-Aug-20 10:39:08

Sometimes the pain can come from nerves. I don’t know if the root canal treatment was necessary but once it’s all over, consider that it’s ‘just’ nerve pain. I get a lot of’s excruciating and dental treatment just aggravates it and it can be confused for the need for further treatment..and you get into a viscous cycle. If it was me, I’d let the dentist finish if off and then try to settle down...the nerves and anxiety alone, can cause such pain. It’s hard when you’re a sensitive person because it can be reflected in the teeth, mouth and head. Good luck.