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Dental implants - yes or no and who is best

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Caroles60 Tue 01-Sep-20 15:23:45

Hi, I am looking for advice/personal experiences. During lockdown I was informed by my dentist that I needed dentures as my bridge cannot be repaired. I absolutely dread the thought of a denture but knew was inevitable as I have two bridges due to the fact I was told as a teenage that I had two missing adult teeth.
Now I’m considering Implants and because it is three teeth on a bridge it will be about £6000/£7000. I have another bridge which could last me for another 20 years but I’m concerned that I may have to spend another £7000 on the other side.

I am looking for advise and perhaps recommendations.

silverlining48 Tue 01-Sep-20 17:59:48

Sorry you haven't had a response Caroles. This should bump it back up the listings.
I think implants have to be lots better especially if you hate the thought of dentures ( as I do). My dh has had two implants and yes they are expensive but his feel like his own teeth so if you can afford it have a proper talk with your dentist and/ or a second opinion.

genie10 Tue 01-Sep-20 19:39:27

Implants are definitely worth the expense if you can afford them. Some dentists do repayment plans.

Jimjam1 Tue 01-Sep-20 20:39:12

I think implants would be a great substitute over dentures. As we age we loose bone tissue. Your dentist will advise if you have enough bone in your jaw to support an implant. Also dentists will not perform this procedure if you are a smoker.

Tangerine Tue 01-Sep-20 20:44:18

I know people who've had implants and are very pleased with them so, if you can afford them, implants may be the way to go.

Having said that, a couple of my friends have well fitting dentures and say they are no trouble.

My aunt had a partial plate and said she could never feel if it was in her mouth or out of her mouth. She claimed it gave her no trouble.

dogsmother Tue 01-Sep-20 21:43:25

I have one, it’s a few years old now and I’d do it again in a heartbeat, but....expensive and you have to have excellent bone in your mouth to take it. also it’s quite hard work having it put in.

SueDonim Tue 01-Sep-20 22:03:40

I had an implant done just before lockdown (thank goodness it got finished in time!). It’s not cheap but it seemed the best solution for me.

I wouldn’t say it feels the same as the rest of my teeth. I’m aware that it doesn’t register sensation eg when flossing I can’t feel where the thread is and if I clench my teeth I can’t tell if I am pressure on it.

It’s better than any alternative I was offered so I am happy with it.

CocoPops Tue 01-Sep-20 23:08:12

I have one implant. Really pleased with it. Very expensive but worth it.

WOODMOUSE49 Wed 02-Sep-20 00:51:09

I have one implant and a partial denture as well as two bridges.

Have the implant if you can afford it. They need to go in as soon as possible after a tooth has been taken out. The denture I have is because some teeth were taken out a long time ago.

PernillaVanilla Mon 07-Sep-20 11:28:10

I had two implants at the Brighton Implant centre in Hove. They do virtually no dental work apart from implants and are very price competitive. I did a lot of research before I went to them and 6 years on I have had no trouble with the two teeth at all, they look really good. The procedure was really no worse than having a bridge and although my gum looked pretty cut up for a little while after a couple of weeks it looked perfect.