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Best tin opener to use

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Coppernob Mon 14-Sep-20 16:39:53

Having developed arthritis in my thumb joints on both hands, I am now unable to use a traditional tin opener. Please does anyone have any advice on the best alternative to use? I already buy as many tins with ring pulls as I can, but there's always the rogue one.

Elegran Mon 14-Sep-20 16:49:46

This one works by pushing a lever back and forth, not turning a handle round. It also has a little hook that opens ring pulls easily.

sf101 Mon 14-Sep-20 16:50:10

I've had an electric one for years, it beats all the other battery operated ones hands down.

Gwenisgreat1 Mon 14-Sep-20 16:56:15

I believe Lakeland does one a ring pull can opener, otherwise google for one. They are not expensive and work a treat without tearing your fingers apart.

Good Luck

NotSpaghetti Mon 14-Sep-20 17:26:11

Have you looked on the "Mobility" websites?

Argos had one they call "hands free" - not sure what it's like but it wasn't too expensive.

MiniMoon Mon 14-Sep-20 17:38:59

JML electric can opener. I've had mine ages and the battery life is good.

Judy54 Mon 14-Sep-20 18:04:20

Yes absolutely I find the JML (mine is battery operated) perfect. It does all the hard work for you.

Coppernob Tue 15-Sep-20 18:42:37

Thanks for the recommendations. I'll do some research on them all.

welbeck Thu 17-Sep-20 20:59:03

JML is a good company. respectable, i know of its founder.
look at theirs.
i bought one in john lewis about 5 years ago for a lady with arthritis. it was quite pricey, about £24 then, but seemed to work well. battery operated. looks a bit like a large matt black beetle. it travels round the rim of the can, cutting as it goes. then you press something to detach the cutting edge and lift the lid off by magnet.
i haven't seen the JML one, as i needed one i could obtain there and then, not mail order.
good luck. don't struggle and strain needlessly.