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Heart surgery and cancer

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boheminan Sat 26-Sep-20 20:53:20

My dear partner has cancer. He's in remission, but is not very strong anymore and suffers several nasty side affects from his cancer treatment.

A couple of weeks ago it was found he now needs emergency heart surgery to replace a heart valve. His immune system is low, and I worry so much he won't pull through this new lot of surgery. Everything feels such an uphill struggle. I long to hear from someone that's been on this particular path, or knows someone that's been on this path, just to hear that his chances of surviving the op are good.

I wonder, is there anyone on GN in the same boat, or similar?

Luckygirl Sat 26-Sep-20 20:59:58

Not the same boat - but sending strength to you both that you keep afloat. Life is very hard sometimes. I wish you both well. Stay strong.

crazyH Sat 26-Sep-20 21:04:05

Oh Boheminan, how awful for your partner and you. It's going to be a difficult road, but I'm sure you will find strength from Somewhere.....I know a few of my friends who have had heart surgery, and some who have had cancer, but not both. I can assure you, someone will come along, who will either be in the same situation now or has been. Good luck flowers

boheminan Sat 26-Sep-20 21:04:20

thank you, that means a lot to me

Illte Sat 26-Sep-20 22:48:22

Yes he will pull through. You'll be surprised. He'll actually feel better than he has been feeling almost straight away because he'll have a fully functioning valve instead of a faulty one.

We are a family of genetically faulty heart valves. For most of us it's when not if it gets replaced. I've not had mine done yet but I've looked after several relatives afterwards.

I understand your anxiety but he will be fine. Hope this reassures you💐

boheminan Sat 26-Sep-20 23:16:37

Thank you illte. All I need at the moment is reassurance and that's hard found in this strange new world we live in.

We've coped with the cancer over the last couple of years but now suddenly I feel alone and scared and there's no one 'out there' to turn to, so your words are welcome. I hope you don't need to go for the op as your relatives have - who knows, you may be reprieved flowers

travelsafar Sun 27-Sep-20 09:05:18

Sending heartfelt feelings of hope to you and your partner. Fingers crossed all goes well for you both. Life is hard enough at the moment without this added stress.

Angel56 Sun 04-Oct-20 15:44:12

Hello Boheminan,I haven't had cancer but suffer with several illnesses that affect my immune system and am regarded as high risk for surgery.But 6 years ago I had a triple bypass after having a heart attack.I sailed through the op and was home 4 days later.Sending all good wishes for your husband.x