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Dementia diagnosis

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Maisie128 Sun 04-Oct-20 15:30:02

Hello, had to NC for this as we haven’t talked to all the family yet and there are a few of us that are on here..

My MIL has just had a dementia diagnosis, just from her GP so far but specialist appointments will be happening in due course.

As a family we haven’t had to go through this before and I was wondering what sort of things we could be doing now rather than in the future before the disease progresses and it’s too late?

DH (only child of MIL) already has POA although we haven’t had to make use of this yet but suspect it won’t be long until we have start using the powers.

Is there anything that we should be doing at this early stage, I’m thinking about odd things like eye test for MIL as she might not be able to manage that in the future?

I’m maybe over thinking this and need to just wait and see but I’m not good a watching and waiting!


Maisie128 Sun 04-Oct-20 15:32:41

Apologies for the typos confused

kittylester Sun 04-Oct-20 16:36:22

Hi Maisie, contact your local Alzheimer's Society- they are brilliant.

They run Carer's courses which will answer loads of your questions. On the Alzheimer's Society website there is a forum for Carers where there is also lots of support.

kittylester Sun 04-Oct-20 18:22:05

This is the link to talking point.

BlueBelle Sun 04-Oct-20 18:51:33

Get as much info about past subjects/ family stories etc that she can remember niw and jot them down it will be really useful to perhaps make a small story book for her later and fir conversation
I made a book for my mum more photos than stories and the carers (she eventually needed care) found it really helpful to know a little about her past to talk with her about
I d get hearing /eyes and dentist checks Mum ended up with the dentist refusing to see her as she bit his finger (well wouldn’t you if a strange man stuck his fingers in your mouth)
The 7 stages can be quite long so she may not seem badly affected for some years it’s rarely fast moving unless it’s vascular dementia and she has a stroke
I agree totally with Kitty Alzheimer’s society will prove invaluable

hazelmerenursing Thu 08-Oct-20 08:47:53

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