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The falls team dedicated to helping folks off the floor

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Elizabeth1 Mon 05-Oct-20 12:06:57

Thankfully Fife has a dedicated emergency falls team which are much quicker than waiting for the ambulance service. I’ve had to send for them twice they’ve brought this contraption which has levels of risers from sitting to getting further up off the floor then on to the bed brilliant service. Good for Fife it has many different services it provides for those in need.

Marydoll Mon 05-Oct-20 12:16:53

Elizabeth, I was so sorry to read of your falls, when you were making good progress.
How heartening to hear that there is a dedicated falls team in your area. I used to wait hours for an ambulance for my mum.

A day resting for you I think. 💐

Elizabeth1 Mon 05-Oct-20 16:11:15

Thank you MarydollI’ll try and keep upright must put more water in it wink

Elrel Mon 05-Oct-20 16:16:29

So pleased that’s someone in authority in Fife has the common sense to put in place such a simple but necessary innovation.
Is this happening elsewhere in Scotland’s, in the UK?
Hoping you keep safe and don’t need their services again!

Jane10 Mon 05-Oct-20 17:10:20

There's a falls service here and it's quite good up to a point. They can get a person up but can't do any more than call an ambulance if the person is injured or unwell. They left a neighbour lying on the floor with a broken arm as they wouldn't lift her even up on to a bed to await an ambulance. Health and safety issue apparently. She was on the floor for 5+ hours.

ElaineI Mon 05-Oct-20 18:27:56

There is a Falls service in Midlothian. They helped me raise a patient from the floor in my Health Centre when I was still working. They came very quickly. Very good service.

Elizabeth1 Tue 06-Oct-20 07:51:37

Not good enough JANE10 your poor neighbour, it must have been so traumatising, my sister put my electric overblanket on top of me it was brilliant as I began to feel quite cold lying on the floor even with a blanket on me these folk that can think on their feet brilliant, and a little common sense I feel can override health and safety

Teetime Tue 06-Oct-20 09:27:12

I managed a Falls Prevention team but their aim was to stop people falling through various strategies e.g. working on balance, flexibility, general health esp B/P.