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Worried about my brother

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Luckygirl Wed 07-Oct-20 22:47:14

My brother (74) has always been a very fit man with a large appetite, but normal weight.

He rang me the other day to say he had a urinary tract infection and has been put on an antibiotic. When I rang to see how he was today, he said it was not better and he had been given a second course; and he has also been told to book a PSA blood test. He cannot get this appointment for another 2 weeks.

But he then started talking further about how he is and said he has to sit down to wee, as his bowels sometimes open unbidden at the same time. Also that he has lost weight and his appetite has reduced.

These seemed to be red flags to me and after I put the phone down I wondered if I should have asked him if he had told the doc about his other symptoms. I feel maybe I should ring him back and ask him whether he did, but do not want to alarm him.

I will sleep on it - but do feel a bit worried.

tanith Wed 07-Oct-20 23:02:10

I would rather he were alarmed than you do nothing and further down the line wish you had. Hopefully you are worrying over nothing but better safe than sorry.

MissAdventure Wed 07-Oct-20 23:06:37

Has he actually seen the doctor in person?
Presumably he has been quizzed about anything which may be related, but you never know.

I would tell your brother he needs to tell the doctor so that anything nasty can be ruled out.

BlueSky Wed 07-Oct-20 23:07:30

Luckygirl I can see why you are concerned, nowadays we are so much more aware of what could be wrong and perhaps worry unnecessarily. As you say sleep on it and perhaps tomorrow speak to him again and ask him whether he’s mentioned those symptoms to the GP. Try not to dwell on it on the meantime.