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Anyone had barium drink before ct scan

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TrendyNannie6 Tue 20-Oct-20 20:41:27

I’ve had two ct scans previously but never had barium but this time it’s abdominal one, so I’m thinking maybe I will be required to, does it taste as bad as the colonoscopy poison lol I know obviously the barium one isn’t a laxative

Marydoll Tue 20-Oct-20 20:49:32

I had a radioactive one to drink, before a full body scan. It tasted of nothing. The best bit was I couldn't go back to school because I was radioactive!

M0nica Tue 20-Oct-20 20:55:15

Had several, both ends, mainly when I was a child. As I remembered they tasted a bit chalky, but nothing else.Of the ones the other end, least said soonest mended

Aldom Tue 20-Oct-20 21:04:20

I have had a barium drink. It was orange flavour. Rather thick liquid, but not a problem for me to drink.

BlueSky Tue 20-Oct-20 23:27:16

I thought barium drinks only went with old fashioned X rays and contrast dye with CT?

Aldom Tue 20-Oct-20 23:34:42

I had my barium drink in the 1980's Bluesky

grannyactivist Tue 20-Oct-20 23:53:41

Not had barium so no help from me I'm afraid, but your description of the colonoscopy 'poison' is spot on! I really struggled not to vomit when drinking the vile concoction. Blergh!

Txquiltz Tue 20-Oct-20 23:58:34

I thought the consistency was a bit like heavy cream, but the taste was negligible.

crazyH Wed 21-Oct-20 00:56:31

Yes, had barium drink before a scan.....tastes chalky. Don't eat or drink before that or I think that's what they told me. Good luck!!

Esspee Wed 21-Oct-20 07:48:54

I had a disgusting thick drink before a scan on my stomach a lifetime ago. Didn’t enjoy it. The taste isn’t what I remember, it was the texture. 🤮

Ailidh Wed 21-Oct-20 10:37:56

I've had one, and it hasn't lasted in my memory as being particularly grim.

What has lasted in my memory though is the -er - after-effects.
Once I'd had the scan (or whatever it was), they showed me to a small toilet and told me to poop it all out before I went home.
Although I consider myself relatively well-balanced, pooping with attendant sound effects in a place where everyone can hear me is high on my list of things I can't cope with. So I only achieved about 50%, before rushing home to my own loo and bliss.
The problem was that whatever the 50% I saved for home was, it sat for years at the bottom of the toilet bowl column, defying all attempts at removal.

So my advice would be: Stick your fingers in your ears, think of England, and when they tell you to poop, Poop!

Good luck with the test and the results smile

harrigran Wed 21-Oct-20 12:44:38

Drinking Barium is okay, when I was training I was the class scapegoat to have a Barium swallow, does not taste of anything.

dragonfly46 Wed 21-Oct-20 12:46:45

I had contrast dye for my CTs and MRIs.

Aldom Wed 21-Oct-20 13:31:28

Ailidh I had forgotten about the after effects of a Barium swallow. Reading your account brought back the memory, which made me laugh.

EllanVannin Wed 21-Oct-20 14:04:05

I had contrast for both CT and PET scans. and an ordinary abdominal ultrasound of all internal organs.