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Agnieszka Wed 21-Oct-20 00:22:04

Hello everyone.
I have suffered with a form of Lupus/Erythromelalgia for several years.
However....for whatever reason, my condition has become much worse over the past nine months.
My Dermatologist has been encouraging me for quite some time, to commence treatment with the Anti-Malarial Drug named Hydroxychloroquine.
I am naturally a very cautious individual, especially around Medications.
I am wondering if anyone using this site, has personal or second-hand experience of this drug treatment.
I am mainly interested in issues with side-effects.
I will appreciate all replies.
Kind regards
Thank you
Agnieszka. x

shysal Wed 21-Oct-20 08:05:26

I take this along with Methotrexate for R.A. My dose is two 200mg tablets a day, which I take together, with my evening meal. My rheumatologist said it was safer than most, except that an eye check is recommended once a year. It advises not to take within 4 hours before or after indigestion remedies. I take Lansoprazole each morning, so pharmacist checked that it was OK to take both tablets in the evening.
I have had no side effects at all and suffer very few problems with the R.A.
If it was me, with worsening symptoms, I would be guided by my consultant. I hope your condition will improve soon.

Marydoll Wed 21-Oct-20 08:31:32

I was on it for 20 years along with other RA meds.
You need annual eye checks, as on very rare occasions it can affect your colour vision.
I had absolutely no side effects, which is very unusual for me. I'm allergic to many drugs.

Wishing you all the best for an improvement!

Teetime Wed 21-Oct-20 10:02:14

I have been on this drug for nearly twenty years with no side effects at all but the benefit I believe of making me better than I was before I took it. I would say though it has a very nasty taste - have a big glass of water ready. Some people think it has a beneficial effect re Covid but the jury is still out I think.

Teetime Wed 21-Oct-20 10:02:58

oops forgot to say I take it for SLE (Lupus)

NannaLyn Fri 23-Oct-20 17:48:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EllanVannin Fri 23-Oct-20 18:10:16

Get some tonic water.

Agnieszka Tue 27-Oct-20 00:14:22

Hello everyone.
Just to say many many thanks, to all who took the time to answer my post.
Every response was of interest to me, and I am heartened to learn, that I perhaps have been worried unduly about the side-effect issues of this Medication.
I am reassured now, and I suspect that when I see my Dermatologist next month, I will be more open to commencing the Treatment that she has tried so hard to sell to me!!!!!
Much appreciated.
Kind regards to you all
Thank you.
Agnieszka. x