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Ngaio1 Sun 08-Nov-20 14:47:41

I am having an eye test in a couple of weeks and, almost certainly, shall need new specs. I have seen a lot of advertising showing obtaining glasses by post. For such a specific thing i wonder what problems i might encounter. Has anyone experience of having specs through the post, please?

bmacca Sun 08-Nov-20 14:51:32

I’ve used Glasses Direct and found them really good. They have a good range of styles, at very reasonable prices

Luckygirl Sun 08-Nov-20 15:04:40

I have done it in the past and had no problem at all, in spite of a very complex prescription and varifocals.

Make sure that the prescription you get from the optician also includes the "pupillary distance" (PD) as the online company will need this and it is not routinely written on prescriptions.

Kate1949 Sun 08-Nov-20 18:27:15

I've considered using one of these companies. How does it work with the fit of the glasses, the size if you know what I mean?

Jaxjacky Sun 08-Nov-20 18:40:51

bmacca thanks, I used to use them but with varifocals, I was a bit wary. They used to send frames to try, do they still do this?

Yiayia4 Mon 09-Nov-20 09:16:47

I used Glasses Direct in the first lockdown no problem and a lot cheaper than opticians.
They can post frames to you to try first it did take about three weeks but I think it depends on your prescription.

bmacca Mon 09-Nov-20 11:15:30

I think they do let you try frames. I had to send one set back as I’d written my prescription down wrong. I sent them a copy of my actual prescription and they did the lenses again. They were very efficient and easy to deal with about the return