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Trouble opening jars and bottles

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Bwhiz Wed 11-Nov-20 19:08:58

Do you find it difficult opening jars/bottles and do you have an alternative to just using your hand (any other method or are there other issues with those methods).
have you had any injuries or severe pain from trying to twist jars and had to visit GP/Hospital?

M0nica Thu 12-Nov-20 11:19:35

I find nut crackers are great for getting extra leverage on small to medium sized jars/bottles, or jamming them in a door and twisting, but that does leave dents in the wood work.

You can get non-slip clothes to use to help your grip and there are electric jar and bottle openers you can buy that are not expensive. DD has had to use electric tin openers as well as jar openers since badly damaging her right arm in an accident and has found them very effective.

I have never heard of anyone injuring themselves opening a jar or bottle, but when you read all the causes of domestic injuries taken to hospital. it wouldn't surprise me to hear that this had happened.

Spidergran3 Thu 12-Nov-20 14:14:40

I use a jar key. Hard to explain how it works - but it does! It’s a little gadget you can get from most kitchen shops or Lakeland. It kind of hooks the lid up a bit to release the vacuum seal and then you can open the jar easily. Also I’ve discovered Durer jar lids are dead easy to open, and the marmalade is delicious 😋.

Jane43 Thu 12-Nov-20 19:06:12

Spidergran3 my DH recently bought me one of those, it is so easy to use. I have tried other things which have been more complicated to use but this is so simple.

midgey Thu 12-Nov-20 19:10:57

There was a thread about this recently, you might get some more ideas if you search for it.

Iam64 Thu 12-Nov-20 20:05:37

Dunelm mill sell plastic pads that are thin and look rather like doilies. I have one to put the jar on and another to twist the lid with. My hands and wrists are very weak due to RA and subsequent osteoarthritis.
I think you need to speak to your GP. Maybe get some blood tests and a referral to a rheutmatologist

TrendyNannie6 Mon 16-Nov-20 14:41:35

Oh that’s good spidergran as the Xmas Lakeland catalogue has arrived today, I must look for one

Jane43 Mon 16-Nov-20 14:47:19

Look for the Jarkey screw top jar opener in the Lakeland Catalogue. It needs no effort at all to open a screw top lid.

Daddima Mon 16-Nov-20 14:51:47

I may have to look at these things. Last night I was unable to open a jar of roasted peppers ( Freshona from Lidl, and very nice indeed). I usually pierce a hole in the lid, but this failed, and it was too big for the door hinge treatment. Luckily, son arrived in the nick of time.

chelseababy Mon 16-Nov-20 19:10:53

I use a marigold glove