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MRI scan on hip and urgent referral to consultant

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Jaceyduck Thu 12-Nov-20 19:13:52

Hi everyone just wondered if anyone has had similar experience. I have had hip pain for nearly two years and rec3ntky had an MRI scan. The results went to the physio and she rang me this morning to say they showed a large amount of fluid around my hip joint which she said could be infection or severe osteoarthritis and has referred me urgently to a consultant. Do you think I should be worried!

Davidhs Thu 12-Nov-20 19:36:06

Everyone in the NHS is under pressure now, you are going to need to push hard to get action quickly.
If it is an infection and you have sudden worsening go straight to A&E don’t delay or hesitate

Jaceyduck Thu 12-Nov-20 19:43:52

Thanks David I have been given an urgent referral so hopefully will see consultant soon.

Iam64 Thu 12-Nov-20 20:03:25

Jaceyduck, please pester if you don't get an appointment very soon -I say this not because I want to worry you, only because as Davidhs says, the pressure is on and you may need to pester

grandtanteJE65 Fri 13-Nov-20 13:01:07

No, I don' t think you need to worry. I hope you get that appointment soon, so you don't have too long to worry.

I've never heard that excess fluid could be dangerous, just unpleasant. As far as I know a joint that has been over-taxed cushions itself with fluid, which shouldn't recur once it has been drained unless the strain is repeated.

I used to dance professionally, so I do know a little about joints and their reactions.

Hope all goes well.