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Teenage Type One Diabetes

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Nannyto3 Mon 16-Nov-20 18:43:31

My DG was diagnosed with diabetes 4 years ago and managed it quite well. Now aged 15 she has become increasingly careless and disinterested in monitoring her levels, taking insulin and managing her diet.
She uses a Dexcom, but pays little attention to the readings. My DD can also monitor via an app on her phone, so is aware of her erratic levels, from very high to very low and finds herself constantly nagging my DG to take her insulin. Unfortunately she’s developed a very “can’t be bovvered” attitude. She has also become very disinterested in maintaining a healthy diet and often spends all day at school without eating.

My DD, not a natural nag, is at her wits end, not wanting to turn the condition into a big drama, but obviously worried about the situation.
Any suggestions please.

Astral Mon 16-Nov-20 18:54:02

Hard as it is, sometimes Mum just isn't the best person to talk to a teen. I'd arrange her to either speak to someone she respects or get the diabetic nurse or a doctor to intervene. This needs to be handled gently as sometimes teens use their insulin needs to lose weight. She needs to be empowered to take responsibly for her health but also reminded of the risks. Nagging just won't work for some teens. I'd go for one discussion and education and leave it there. Sorry, difficult one, hope you find something that helps.