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No wonder my cup runneth over! (bra sizes) own measurement

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bikergran Thu 19-Nov-20 20:39:02

I have never been to be measured properly, its all been trial and error (If it doesn't quite fit, push it in etc)

Just for curiosity I have just googled how to measure oneself for a bra

Apparently I am an "E" cup! never in my life have I had an " E " cup shock

I have mostly squeezed into a C or odd occasion a D but never a "E"

No wonder I have been the wrong shape al my life lol.

BlueSky Thu 19-Nov-20 21:19:25

I’ve always believed I was a 36D but when measured I was told I was 34E! But I never found this size comfortable, far too tight round the chest and soon went back to my usual size.