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Arthritis and orthopaedic hospital appointment

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GrandmasueUK Wed 02-Dec-20 22:48:24

I’ve been struggling with some pain in both hips and I’ve just got an appointment at the hospital with the orthopaedic team. My left hip is always very hot to the touch and sometimes after sitting I can’t always make it ‘click into place’ but my right hip is the one that shows the most degeneration. I am using a crutch because sometimes my right hip and leg gives way. I always thought arthritis was just all about pain. I’m worried about the appointment and wondering if I will be having a hip replacement soon. I think I feel a bit of a cheat because I’m not in constant pain unlike a lot of people. I do take strong painkillers sometimes so I can sleep but it’s not every night. I think I just want to know if arthritis affects people in different ways.

Marilla Wed 02-Dec-20 23:00:53

I don’t know anything about arthritis, but you really must attend your appointment. You have said that your right hip and leg gives way and shows degeneration. Surely that tells you that you need to see a specialist as soon as possible.

You will regret giving up your appointment as there is now a large waiting list in most areas to see consultants.

Chewbacca Wed 02-Dec-20 23:05:54

I have osteo arthritis in my knees, particularly the left knee, and I'd agree that the pain is a burning pain and it's hot and swollen. I also struggle to get it to click into place when I go to stand up and if I don't balance myself evenly, it gives way. I've no idea why but it's far worse at night; the knee seems to lock and has to be "snapped" before I can turn over or move. I have low dose morphine patches now and they've helped quite a lot although I don't want to stay on them any longer than I have to.

Marydoll Wed 02-Dec-20 23:09:14

Grandmasue, I too am waiting for an orthopaedic appointment. I have RA, but it looks as if I will eventually need a left hip replacement due to degeneration.
I don't always pain, but I do have difficulty actually getting it to move. Trying to climb stairs is so difficult.
You are not a cheat, arthritis affects us all differently.

Grandmafrench Wed 02-Dec-20 23:12:59

Grandmasue, as Marilla says you really do need to take the appointment offered. You will be able to find out - especially if they organise scans - the extent of any damage, how bad and where. Once you have the knowledge, you can then discuss possible treatment, surgery, options with the Orthopaedic team and then it will be your decision to make. You mustn't be anxious because no one will try to railroad you into making any decision you're not happy about. Your body, your life after all. Until you know, you will probably continue to struggle. In the meantime, an ice pack on that hot and inflamed area should give you some relief. Let us know what happens, please ? Good luck.

welbeck Wed 02-Dec-20 23:40:57

loss of function and impaired mobility is also important, as is constant pain.
it's not a competition as to who is suffering most. you need treatment and investigation, that is why you have been given an appt. your case is as valid as anyone else.
information is empowering. good luck.
let us know how you get on.

GrandmasueUK Thu 03-Dec-20 00:42:55

Thank you so much for your kind replies. I do intend to keep the appointment, I think it was the fact that the appointment seemed to come very quickly. The hospital and surgeon have excellent reputations. The first UK hip replacement was performed at the hospital, it’s just me being a wuss and fear of the unknown!