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What are these symptoms of ?

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Itsnell Thu 03-Dec-20 13:33:51

I spent last night not being able to sleep with pain in my abdomen it felt like my gut area from my stomach down to my lower abdomen. I had bloating and wind both ends. I couldn't lie comfortably and couldn't sleep. The pain seemed to come in waves. Gaviscon didn’t help

I've had this several times in the past few years and I've had this bout since about last Sunday. I don’t want to bother my doctor in these Covid times

I have digestive issues: acid reflux and a hiatus hernia which I take omeprazole for, I have IBS too

I'm overweight by about 2 stone and know losing weight might help but i can't seem to summon up the motivation

Has anyone any idea what this could be? Thanks

MawBe Thu 03-Dec-20 13:39:03

Sounds like IBS/trapped wind. What did you eat?
I find excess roughage especially veg like broccoli can do that to me . I use Buscopan which usually sorts it overnight.
However, surely it would be wise to consult a doctor?

Namsnanny Thu 03-Dec-20 13:56:59

Yes as above, speak to your GP. Sad to say you have too many issues to be able to self diagnose.
Do nt leave it too much lo nger before your consultation.
Best wishes

kircubbin2000 Thu 03-Dec-20 14:00:12

Gall stones, get a scan.

blueberry1 Thu 03-Dec-20 14:03:13

Yes, gall stone pain can feel like indigestion but much more painful. Would also advise you to ask for a scan.

Marydoll Thu 03-Dec-20 14:09:31

I don't want to sound uncaring, but best to speak to your GP. None one of us should be attempting to diagnose nor speculating what is wrong with you,
I hope you get relief quickly, you must be in a lot of pain and worried to post on here.

Itsnell Thu 03-Dec-20 14:30:17

Thanks all of you. I will ring my doctor tomorrow.

silverlining48 Thu 03-Dec-20 15:48:33

I would have suggested gallstones as a possibility too. I had similar and gall bladder was removed last March.

PollyDolly Thu 03-Dec-20 15:51:43

I experienced similar issues a few years ago; the cause was identified to be due to eating more bread than usual and I was "bunged up" for want of a better term of phrase. We had bought a breadmaker just a couple of weeks before and I was overindulging!

crazyH Thu 03-Dec-20 16:08:50

I had similar, couple of years ago...trapped wind due to IBS. Buscopan sorted it for me, but if this continues, please see your Doctor.

reelashosser Thu 03-Dec-20 16:13:29

If it turns out to be IBS (and it does sound like it, but you need to have everything else ruled out first), look up Lepicol online. I had terrible IBS for years, it really affected my life, and Lepicol not only eased it, but has eventually cured it. I can't praise it enough. Good luck, Itsnell.

WOODMOUSE49 Thu 03-Dec-20 16:47:29

Bother your Doctor !

My DH has had three consultations (Econsult) with the surgery since the first lockdown. All successful.