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Test result positive, but no trace

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blondenana Sat 05-Dec-20 19:24:51

A friend of my daughters husband had a test because his wife had a positive test result, today he was contacted by track and trace and he said he had tested positive for Covid 2 weeks ago
They say they have no trace of him even testing for it
How can this be,
How many more has this happened to,and told to isolate
I did read a report last week that almost 1500 had been given wrong positive results,

Hetty58 Sat 05-Dec-20 19:31:41

The standard test gives (potentially) up to 30% false negative results, so false positives are hardly surprising.

I'm just amazed that so many people put their faith in such a poor test, aren't you?

As the virus is very highly infectious, it's safe to assume that he will have caught it from his wife anyway. Therefore, test or no test, it's sensible to isolate.

blondenana Sat 05-Dec-20 20:32:32

I agree,he was sensible to isolate ,but it is so wrong that if people are told they have it and don't they lose time and wages from work
Not everyone in a family catches something others have
My son had swine flu quite badly, none of us, or his wife caught it

cornishpatsy Sat 05-Dec-20 21:26:41

A few weeks ago I had been feeling unwell and ordered a test by post.

After 3 days I had an email saying my test was delayed in transit, being delivered via Amazon, I tried to order another but could not as it stated I had already got one. There was nowhere on the site that I could say it had not arrived.

I self isolated for 10 days just incase but do not know if I have had Covid.