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Am I being Scroogelike?

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MoonStone93 Mon 07-Dec-20 13:07:07

I have never been a part of a forum like this before but I feel compelled to post after seeing a gambling advert on TV last night. I really don't think gambling should be advertised at all because it presents the issue as being "ok" and fun. There are many tired, old "celebrities" being rolled out to promote something which must be horrendous for families and individuals who are badly affected by gambling - addicts, those in debt, those who can't feed their kids etc. etc. Last night I saw 3 old, retired footballers having a jolly time ( Xmas decorations in their hair) advertising something that they must know causes untold anxiety. I trust they will donate their fees to an appropriate charity. They should be ashamed. Bah humbug.......

Jane10 Mon 07-Dec-20 13:26:26

I quite agree MoonStone. Gambling is gambling and these adverts sanitise what can be a very slippery slope.

Jane10 Mon 07-Dec-20 13:52:57

This must be a time of mixed emotions for you Rufus2. What a sad time you must have had five years ago. Poor Vera. As you say, this virus could have been hard for her to cope with. Fingers crossed we all manage to get through it.
Has Oz got the vaccine yet?

avitorl Mon 07-Dec-20 13:55:51

I also agree. My first marriage ended because my husband was a Gambler .Saying when the fun stops,stop is useless advice because it can become an addiction.I feel so angry when I see the adverts on TV.

M0nica Mon 07-Dec-20 13:57:12

Advertising alcohol on tv has strict rules around it, when it can advertise and what products can be advertising.

In principle gambling should be similarly controlled. However a recent government paper pointed out that
gambling was a permitted activity and that licensed operators’ ability to advertise was “a key advantage” over the black market. If this advantage was removed, “we would undermine our ability to ensure that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way, that it remains crime-free, and that children and vulnerable people are protected.”

This is a point I had never thought about before. This danger is not present when advertising alcohol, yes, people will buy bootleg drink, but that is a completely different thing.

Remember most, possibly all, unregistered gambling is criminally controlled.

eazybee Mon 07-Dec-20 14:10:15

I agree with you; gambling is not 'fun' and quickly becomes addictive. There is no attempt to disguise it now; it is referred to openly as gambling and betting, and I was furious to find an advertisement for online bingo in my emails.
I gather that compulsive gamblers, avoiding betting shops and casinos etc are targeted through their emails and phones, which is disgraceful.

Jane10 Mon 07-Dec-20 14:20:01

Many apologies for putting a response to Rufus2's thread on this one.

cornishpatsy Mon 07-Dec-20 15:11:34

Gamblers will gamble, the adverts are not aimed at them.

Where as people that are feeling low with money troubles could easily be tempted when they see an advert when it is not something they would have thought about ordinarily.

The adverts should be banned.

Missfoodlove Mon 07-Dec-20 16:30:22

I agree ban the adverts.
It’s so dangerous and not at all glamorous