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Any advice for good nutrition? (Especially 60+ &Covid)

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mamagran Mon 14-Dec-20 11:28:37

Hello, everyone. I was watching this very interesting video on Youtube, which .... which sprung to mind more questions... I was thinking to ask this community for advice on good nutrition on general health? What do you do to keep healthy, especially in the current climate..

Whitewavemark2 Mon 14-Dec-20 11:33:12

A very varied diet, with heavy emphasis on vegetable and fruit. Eat at least as much fish as meat.

I take vit. D and B complex every day.

Activity also important.

PamelaJ1 Mon 14-Dec-20 13:01:04

As WWM but I don’t take any supplements except Turmeric. I think that we all have a different take on what extras are needed if any.
As well as varied I think it’s a good idea to eat ‘real’ food and I scrutinise any ready made food I buy. And watch the calories.
Even in the current climate one can exercise either inside or out and it’s so important to keep as much muscle tone as possible. Use it or lose it.

janeainsworth Mon 14-Dec-20 13:04:46

Keep refined sugar to a minimum.
Make sure I have enough protein (70g/day) to avoid muscles atrophying.
No snacking. If you don’t snack, you’re more likely to eat properly at meal times.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Mon 14-Dec-20 13:07:22

I eat fresh fruit and veg every day, especially including blueberries and broccoli which are apparently helpful in the current circumstances and plenty of fluids.

For supplements Vit D and iron as I've a history of being very anaemic.

I take a little exercise, especially limbering up and stretching but loathe it so try to get it out of the way first thing.

Situpstraight2 Mon 14-Dec-20 13:19:30

Mamagran are you having health problems? If not then you are probably eating well enough. We don’t eat processed food, very little sugar and take daily Vitamin tablets, apart from that it’s a varied diet,
my many Aunts and Uncles ate sausages, chips, roast dinners, sat indoors in the Winter and lived with very few health problems well into their 90s.
Lucky ? Or maybe good genes after all of their hardships.

M0nica Mon 14-Dec-20 13:33:32

Eat well (good quality fresh ingredients), Not to much, mostly plants Michael Pollen (American food campaigner)

EllanVannin Mon 14-Dec-20 13:55:34

Substantial meals and plenty of them. A good mix/ variety of meat, fish and veg.
I have some left-over beef from yesterday's dinner so I'll mince it and have mashed potato and carrots with it.
Tomorrow, a nice tasty home-made leek and potato soup.
Just eat well is my advice, you won't go far wrong----no junk !

Witzend Mon 14-Dec-20 14:13:54

A daily fairly high dose vitamin D3 tablet.
Other than that, nearly everything cooked from scratch, lots of fruit and veg, mostly U.K. grown - we’re eating stacks of cabbage and sprouts at the moment. Ditto carrots and other root veg. Except for bananas, citrus fruit and celery, and apples when out of season here, I don’t often buy imported fruit or veg.
Cakes, biscuits and puddings are largely limited to when guests are coming (we’d just make pigs of ourselves otherwise) but having said that, we often share a bar of chocolate and we’ve certainly scoffed a lot of mince pies lately. 🐷🐷

JenniferEccles Mon 14-Dec-20 22:52:55

One of the most important ways of avoiding a bad outcome from the virus is to ensure you are not overweight.

The overweight and obese are at a far higher risk of becoming very ill if they contract covid, so along with a healthy diet, a weight loss regime if necessary is essential.

It’s surprising how many people seem to be quite blasé over the fact that they have gained a lot of weight this year, considering how much has been said about the risks.

TrendyNannie6 Fri 18-Dec-20 12:13:09

I’d say plenty of fruit and veg, vitamin D varied diet, try not to eat too much junk cut down on sugar, and gentle exercise if you are able to,

travelsafar Fri 18-Dec-20 12:49:24

Porridge oats for lowering cholesterol.
Fruit, salad and plenty of veg. A few walnuts or other nuts each day to protect heart. Fish, even tinned, chicken or other non fatty meat. I take evening primrose with vitB6 and vit D.
I try to do some form of exercise each day even if only a 30min walk. Like others I try to limit the amount of bics, cakes and puds I have special occasions only. I am partial to a bag of crisps though but only one a day if I do have them.
Christmas I will throw caution to the wind and indulge... chocs,mince pies, shortbread, trifle and xmas cake. But once into the new year I will go back to my healthy eating......hopefullysmile Neither of us smokes or drinks and DH doesn't worry about what he eats, so we often sit down to completly different meals!!!

Tweedle24 Fri 18-Dec-20 12:55:33

PamelaJ1 Does the turmeric really help? On the advice of a friend, I have been taking it, combined with pepper, for about six weeks with no noticeable benefit. Does it take a long time before any effect is noticed?

mamagran Tue 29-Dec-20 11:51:16

Thank you all for your answers... what a surprise to see so many replies. I do not have serious health concerns but I am trying to improve my overall nutrition. I am trying to eat more plants and cut meat from my diet as much as possible.. as I have noticed I have more energy after I eat only vegetarian meals. Is anyone else plant based or vegetarian?