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Vulval cancer

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GinJeannie Mon 14-Dec-20 14:43:09

Looking for advice and/or suggestions please. My dearest friend of 50 years plus, has been diagnosed with this dreadful cancer and, at the end of January, has surgery planned to remove the cancer and surrounding area. She and I now live 3 hours apart and cannot, of course, visit due to varying levels of Covid Tiers, but I would really like to hear from any G/N ladies who have undergone similar or same treatment. Is there any specific advice I can give her (although she does have a MacMillan Nurse to contact), and recommendations for specific treats I could post to her to surprise her and which will be appreciated?

Situpstraight2 Mon 14-Dec-20 14:46:26

Sorry to hear this , my Aunt had surgery for the same problem well over 25 years ago and is still with us!

I think any treats will be welcomed and really appreciated, especially after the year we have all had, but you’ve known your friend for 50 years so I’m sure you will think of something special for her.

💐 for being a nice friend.

BigBertha1 Mon 14-Dec-20 15:03:43

Poor lady I hope she makes a good recovery and I'm sure she appreciates your concern for her. How about some audio books- I find they usually go down pretty well for anyone needing to rest and recuperate.

GinJeannie Tue 15-Dec-20 12:14:52

Thank you both for your kind words and support - audio books definitely a good idea! Fingers crossed for no cancellation in January x

Flaxseed Tue 15-Dec-20 22:23:14

There is a lovely website called ‘No another bunch of flowers’ which has cards and gifts appropriate for cancer sufferers.
I just went to check it’s still going and it looks like it’s temporarily offline to catch up with a backlog of orders. But hopefully it will be up and running soon!
I work in a hospital and cancer ops are still going ahead, so hopefully your friend will get her surgery. thanks

Dorsetcupcake61 Wed 16-Dec-20 07:40:20

My dear friend had cancer of the lining of the womb. The web site mentioned above was very good so I hope its up and running soon.
Everyone is different in their approach and how much contact they want in person. I wasnt able to see my friend in person but would send daily newsy light hearted texts and frequent letters on pretty paper or little cards. Obviously it was understood that she didnt have to reply if not up to it. It felt very special.

Missfoodlove Wed 16-Dec-20 09:28:35

A good quality pillow spray to aid sleep/calm.
This works do some beautiful ones.