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Anyone had phlebitis

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TrendyNannie6 Mon 21-Dec-20 23:18:47

I have this and am concerned, reason being rang drs 4 days ago not knowing what was going on with my leg, wasn’t seen as dr wasn’t seeing anyone that day due to covid at the drs far enough, but didn’t even do a vid call just spoke to me, said if no better after resting feet up and volterol and ice, then I was to ring back today which no better in fact worse I haven’t been able to walk properly for thirteen days, to cut long story short rang, was then contacted by same person she wanted pics this time still not seen as now another case of covid in there so wasn’t seeing anyone, and over 4 hours later rung up and told I have phlebitis and offered antibiotics but had bad side effects previously with these and given another sort only taken 2 so far, but wondering if anyone else has had this

BlueBelle Mon 21-Dec-20 23:42:49

I would take myself to A ad E phlebitis is not something to have and getting worse over two weeks
if the GP surgery isn’t helping go to your hospital
I haven’t had it but had cellulitis and ended up on intravenous antibiotics which did the trick after having two lots of antibiotics from the doctors surgery

Blossoming Mon 21-Dec-20 23:50:44

I’ve never had it, but a relative did. Phlebitis is an inflammation, not an infection, so I don’t see how antibiotics would help, I have absolutely no medical qualifications though. I’d ring NHS 111, they can advise if you need to see somebody.

FannyCornforth Tue 22-Dec-20 06:13:28

Hope that you rang 111 TN and have had a positive experience.
A friend of mine had it, and it's not to be taken lightly.