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Dental/Covid query

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seacliff Tue 22-Dec-20 12:52:29

I had an emergency appointment today to have a crown and post stuck back in (made last Friday). The dentist rang this morning to say he'd have to cancel as his nurse had possible covid symptoms, but he could fit me in tomorrow with another nurse.

I agreed, but after thinking abut it, I rang back and asked if the ill nurse has had a covid test. She had done one herself that was negative, but was having a 2nd today. The dentists attitude was, she won't be seeing you, so no problem. I said she could have infected all of you!! and you could be spreading it. Having tried to keep safe I didn't want to risk it now.

We agreed I will come in tomorrow but they will ring me IF her test is positive, which they feel is unlikely.

I was quite shocked by their attitude, and that they keep open in the interim, but I suppose they have to.

Sparklefizz Tue 22-Dec-20 13:04:28

I don't blame you for being concerned seacliff. Do you think you could hold on until after Christmas or are you in pain?

If her test is negative, it would be ok, but how quickly will they get the results? If I were in your situation, I wouldn't go in unless she had definitely had a negative result. I don't think you can be too careful.

EllanVannin Tue 22-Dec-20 13:11:40

My GGS is having a tooth out tomorrow. The appointment was done in March when he was in agony and nobody would see to him. For some reason he's having gas and not an anaesthetic. It's a back tooth that won't make way for others coming through he's only 10 and the dentist said his teeth are growing quickly, a wisdom coming through.

At least he won't suffer over Christmas if it kicks off again. D will be busy putting newspapers down in the car in case he's sick.

seacliff Tue 22-Dec-20 13:12:59

I am not in pain, it is just a big gap at the front top. I think if it isn't replaced soon, there may be a problem getting it back. Purely cosmetic. They say she will know the result today, and agreed to ring me before hand if the test is positive.

I was just shocked at their attitude, they said it is very unlikely to be Covid, probably just a cold with cough. They made me feel a bit paranoid by questioning it.

I may ring them tomorrow first thing and ask what the test result was. I didn't know dentists worked this way, not very impressed. I had also ordered some dental cement as one option was to try and stick it back myself, not too hopeful on that idea.

Sparklefizz Tue 22-Dec-20 13:29:12

They should not have made you feel paranoid by questioning what you said.

I had a similar approach from my doctor's surgery when I asked what the procedure would be for a blood test, but my dental practice is absolutely wonderful, and they are the epitome of excellent Covid security. I think of them as my benchmark, and my doctor's practice fell far short.

vampirequeen Wed 23-Dec-20 10:31:13

I'd go tomorrow. They will have put procedures in place and I'd rather have my tooth in than out (I have a crown in a similar place).

Sparklefizz Wed 23-Dec-20 10:32:17

Any news seacliff ?

seacliff Wed 23-Dec-20 13:21:43

Thanks for asking Sparklefizz.

I did go as her 2nd test was negative. But it wasn't good news sadly, I still have the gap. He said there was a tiny bit of broken tooth in the hole, and he xrayed. He said he would not advise sticking it back, as it is a bit damaged down there and an infection could start.

The options are
1) let it heal up and have a gap. (front top next to middle sad which he advised. )
2) Have it taken out and have a gap, but would lose face structure a bit.
3) Have it out and have a plate as also lost a couple of other teeth along top.
In any event they will not take me as NHS and nor will anyone else in the area.

I just hope I don't get pain over Christmas now as he poked it about a bit. I asked if I could have antibiotic prescription just in case, over Christmas, but no. He said A & E would give them if needed.

I have always been terrified of the dentist due to a butcher of a dentist when young.

ElaineI Wed 23-Dec-20 13:25:49

Our dentists don't see people just now unless it's an emergency or private (which is a bit much!).
Me and DGS2 had to self isolate after his hairdresser was positive. Fortunately we are both ok but it has put me off going to the hairdressers. They use visors with masks below and I also had a mask but is still too close for comfort now.

Tangerine Wed 23-Dec-20 16:19:30

I am always wary about the hairdressers ElanieI but hair is something that won't stop growing. I have been twice since the first lockdown but my hair is in a style where I only have to manage the fringe so I don't need a haircut often.

Kamiso Wed 23-Dec-20 16:28:10

We had COVID tests on Saturday afternoon and the result was there when we woke up on Sunday morning. Negative thankfully.

Puzzler61 Wed 23-Dec-20 16:31:41

seacliff I have PM’d you.

Sparklefizz Wed 23-Dec-20 17:32:40

seacliff I have sent you a PM.

GrandmaKT Wed 23-Dec-20 17:32:50

Do you know, sometimes it seems that it's the people who should know best who are paying least attention to the dangers of Covid. I keep hearing about people getting infected in hospital, which surely shouldn't happen.
Earlier this week I donated blood, and, whilst precautions were in place, I would say they were pretty lax. E.g. everyone coming and going through the same door when there was a second exit not being used and four people sitting around a small table for a drink and a biscuit afterwards. I certainly felt less safe than I have in any cafes or restaurants I have visited!

Greeneyedgirl Wed 23-Dec-20 17:50:43

I was due for dental appt yesterday afternoon but I had a hospital procedure (invasive) in the morning. I rang dentist to see if they still wanted me to go as I was at the hospital am. They weren’t worried, said their staff have all the PPE and practice safely.

I cancelled dental appt, but I had waited 3 months for this and next available appt is March. (Not NHS).

Fennel Wed 23-Dec-20 18:08:16

A front crown came off just after the first lockdown, in?April.
My dentist said only emergencies.
I left it for a while then rang again - "You can get a kit to diy " so we did that and after a few failures it worked.
But by then the next tooth had started to crumble a bit so rang for a new appt and had it repaired, Last week. £23.
Husband is thinking of setting up as a dentist in our conservatory with his Juniour Dentist Kit.