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Bad rash on chest that won’t go

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Sparkling Sat 26-Dec-20 18:56:02

I suffer alkergic asthma in the spring, so told to continuously take anti GO

told me to stop taking them now for a break. I came out in a very ugly red blistered rash across my chest and up my neck. My GP said it was probably just coincidence, but after 3 weeks it is still driving me nuts. Does anyone take anti histamine continuously or must I always have this ugly itchy rash. Many thanks.

midgey Sat 26-Dec-20 18:57:55

Are you sure it’s not shingles?

Marydoll Sat 26-Dec-20 19:10:37

I too wondered if it was shingles. It may be wise to get it checked out again.

Charleygirl5 Sat 26-Dec-20 19:16:53

In theory shingles should not last as long as 3 weeks but you must get it checked out asap.

OceanMama Sat 26-Dec-20 20:22:54

Get it checked out. It's easy to assume it's allergies since you are used to that but it could be something else.