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Exercises for Backs

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ExD Sun 27-Dec-20 15:54:00

I've had spinal problems for years, (over 50 to be exact) and been sent for physio therapy many times.
Sadly, in all that time the same old exercise sheets are still being handed out, with the same old negative results. When I mentioned this I was told that they DO work ....... but they don't (and yes I do do them at home) and that I don't realise. Has anyone been offered anything new recently? Can i ask for an mri scan?

Jane10 Sun 27-Dec-20 16:03:55

I found some yoga stretches that really help.

LadyStardust Sun 27-Dec-20 16:21:37

I saw physios for quite a few years with varying results, due to a very stiff and sore lower spine. One day my appointment was with a new guy, who literally got me in what felt like wrestling moves, to manipulate and stretch my back and he cracked my spine in several places. It wasn't the most relaxing experience (although he was rather gorgeous!) but I never looked back and I've not had to see a physio since. I'm not sure, but perhaps he was more of a chiropractor? I believe chiropractors are good for sorting out spines. (I may be totally wrong so do some research!) As a cheap and cheerful aid, I love Tiger balm! I'm sure it helps a little. Back pain is horrible ExD. I hope you get some relief soon. Good luck!

Jillybird Sun 27-Dec-20 17:02:51

Look for Egoscue classes.

The movements are small and repetitive. No sweat. No pain. In fact I was not impressed at all to begin with... until it started working!

I used to do an adult ed class with a wonderful tutor who had her own physical problems, trained to be a yoga teacher, then found Egoscue and never looked back! It's almost a synthesis of lots of other disciplines: yoga, pilates, Alexander technique, etc.

At first I thought the class was rubbish! (I admit it) it was all way too easy. Except. I found I walked home more easily. I found I was taller (improved posture) and thinner. I moved more easily and fluidly.

You can find instructions online but there are very few practitioners in the Uk, so one-to-one is unlikely unless you go via Zoom.

There is also a book by Pete Egoscue called Pain Free. I'm not sure it gives you any more help than the videos.

Hope helpful.

MiniMoon Sun 27-Dec-20 17:12:54

My late mother went for physiotherapy on her back for years and to the infirmary to see various consultants. She did the exercises religiously and didn't see many positive results. Talking to someone one day, she was given the name of a chiropractor living nearby. He fixed her back after a couple of visits and she didn't have any further problems.
Her back pain was the result of falling down some stone steps when she was in her 20s.

CocoPops Sun 27-Dec-20 23:13:05

Every morning after walking my dog I exercise with the help of a DVD for yoga for backs. I add a few exercises from my physiotherapist. I 'd rather be doing something else but force myself into action because the daily grind works! I find swimming and cycling help too. Currently thinking about buying a new mattress.

ExD Thu 31-Dec-20 18:04:05

Thank you Jillybird I'll look for the Egoscue book online.
I can tell the physio doesn't believe when I say I do his exercises religiously every morning (while I'm still in bed during the winter so I admit they're a bit watered down) and they are so ingrained on my mind I hardly notice I'm doing anything.
I have just gone back to our local hydrotherapy pool, 3 sessions and we're locked down again, and I think it helps - a bit.
I dare not try chiropractice again after the last person I saw cracked my back and as good as put me out of action for weeks. She had all the certificates and things - but how do I know if they were genuine. I'd never relax now.
I'm still at a loss that the NHS exercises haven't changed an iota in all that time. The only difference is that they now don't recommend a firm mattress, and I've lost count of the number of those I've wasted my money on sad .