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earnshaw Wed 30-Dec-20 20:48:11

so glad the vaccine is up and running but am just wondering as to how long my husband will have to wait for his, he is 75 but has quite a few underlining health issues, classed as vulnerable, anyone any ideas, has anyone had theirs yet ?

shysal Wed 30-Dec-20 21:26:53

You can find a prediction on Google. I entered my details similar to your DH - age 74 and on immunosuppressants - and was given possible date at end of January. Things might even have improved since release of the Oxford vaccine.
I hope he gets his soon.

Blossoming Wed 30-Dec-20 21:30:09

Have a look at the online vaccine calculator, you answer a few questions and it will give an estimate.

Marydoll Wed 30-Dec-20 21:33:48

You beat me to it, Blossoming grin