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Covid 19 and child care

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DanniRae Sun 03-Jan-21 10:51:05

Both my daughter and her partner are quite ill with covid 19. They have a 15 month old baby and are struggling to care for him. What are the risks to us - his grandparents - if we bring him to our house? (He is not showing any symptoms)
I would be very grateful for advice.

Riverwalk Sun 03-Jan-21 11:16:35

I'm not qualified to tell you what the risks are to you and your husband regarding possible transmission from your grandson, I suppose you have to weigh-up the odds yourself and decide.

Are you are your husband particularly vulnerable?

If they were unable, as opposed to struggling, to care for the child then you'd have to step in. Two ill adults, unless bed-ridden, should be able to manage one baby - depends on how ill they are.

Difficult situation for you all.

NotSpaghetti Sun 03-Jan-21 11:23:06

Can you help in other ways - drop food off for example?

At that age he will be in close contact with them and I don’t know the actual risk to you but feel it must be quite high. We don’t yet know about this newer strain of Covid-19 and how it is carried by children.

You could probably do some laundry for them. If you assumed it was infected and had them sort it into (say) dark cottons so it could go straight in your washer.
I’d be happy to do this for my family but I’d be super-careful how I handled it and would wear a mask whilst doing so.

NotSpaghetti Sun 03-Jan-21 11:25:35

Exactly Riverwalk, if they were both too sick to get out of bed at all that’s different and something would need to be done.

DanniRae Sun 03-Jan-21 13:32:41

Thanks for your replies. My husband has just dropped off some food for them. I will ask if any washing needs doing and see to that if need be - very carefully, of course.
Thanks again for helpful replies.

Iam64 Sun 03-Jan-21 13:34:47

Some friends were in your situation DanniRae, and like you wanted to help but stay safe. They did exactly as you are, delivered food and other essentials, collected washing. All is now well.

NotSpaghetti Sun 03-Jan-21 13:59:45

I hope they recover swiftly!
Such a worry.

Maybe you could also drop off a treat for the little one to keep them occupied a little while - or order something to be delivered to them?

GrannyGravy13 Sun 03-Jan-21 14:55:58

Nothing to stop you taking your GC out for a long walk in their pram to give the parents a rest. (If you are really worried the parents could put on the sea through rain cover which pranks have) Along with dropping off food and doing washing I think they would be very grateful.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 03-Jan-21 14:56:18

*see not sea 🤬

NotSpaghetti Sun 03-Jan-21 15:07:32

Mmmn. I would not take the grandchild out personally unless things were so bad I had to look after him.
I would work on healthy vitamin packed easy meals, laundry and so on.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 03-Jan-21 15:13:56

*pranks should be prams

DanniRae Mon 04-Jan-21 11:49:34

Hi, just to say thanks to all of you who came on here with advise. Happily my daughter and her partner are feeling much better today and I am so happy about this smile