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nannafizz Sun 03-Jan-21 19:51:47

Does anyone else suffer with floaters in their eyes? Mine are awful . I’ve had them for years , but recently they seem worse . There’s always a really big one right in the middle of my vision , especially noticeable when I’m reading . I’m constantly having to move my eyes sideways or up & down to move it. It’s actually quite depressing as I love reading .

Ilovecheese Sun 03-Jan-21 19:54:04

Yes I do, luckily not in the centre, just like wisps of smoke here and there.

Hetty58 Sun 03-Jan-21 19:57:06

Oh, did I laugh - when I saw the title! (Thanks for that.) I thought OMG, somebody's moaning about the state of their WC!

nannafizz Sun 03-Jan-21 20:01:29

Hetty 58 , 😂 yes I did think that after I posted ! Sadly it’s not actually that funny, though I do appreciate the laugh you’ve given me !

Blossoming Sun 03-Jan-21 20:03:17

nannafizz do you get annual eye exams?

I suffer from hypertensive retinopathy so not sure what is normal, but eye checks should pick up any potential problems.

Lucretzia Sun 03-Jan-21 20:04:04


I thought it was about floating voters

I"m sorry about your eyes. Must be very annoying for you.

Juliet27 Sun 03-Jan-21 20:04:36

Yes, I too have plenty. I find it’s best to try not concentrating on them but agree that it is annoying when they appear in the middle of the vision.

nannafizz Sun 03-Jan-21 20:08:37

Actually they really really bother me . I’m wondering how other people cope?

nannafizz Sun 03-Jan-21 20:11:01

Yes Blossoming I do have regular eye tests . They just say oh yes I can see them. I think there may be a laser procedure you can have .

Juliet27 Sun 03-Jan-21 20:16:08

There is a procedure - a vitrectomy

BlueBelle Sun 03-Jan-21 20:19:37

Yes I have loads of floaters but your brain accommodates for them and then some new ones pop up I think they can be quite entertaining I can’t have any procedures so I make friends with them

Bigred18 Sun 03-Jan-21 20:41:22

I had these. Its gel from the back of the eye becoming loose. You really need to be checked properly to make sure they are not sticking to retina - which can cause many more problems. I was checked by eye specialist.

tidyskatemum Sun 03-Jan-21 21:18:40

I used to have floaters - and also the occasional flash of bright light in the corner of one eye - but both seen to have stopped. The optician asked me if I had them but said it was nothing to be concerned about. She actually said my eyes were very heathy - they are just rubbish at seeing things at a distance!

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 03-Jan-21 22:13:31

Posterior Vitreous Detachment, I have it in both eyes, got checked out on the same day as each of them happened, as the Retina can sometimes detach.

Mine is worse in bright sunlight, looks like long threads of black cotton, happened a couple of years ago and no further problems, except the floaty bits.

Juliet27 Sun 03-Jan-21 22:20:52

I had the same oopsadaisy and it made a hole in the retina which had to be repaired with a scleral buckle.

Bigred18 Sun 03-Jan-21 22:30:16

Oopsadaisy, tts what I was trying to reremember, the name of the problem. Needs to be monitored.

MiniMoon Sun 03-Jan-21 23:31:36

I had PVD in both eyes. The resultant floaters are large and opaque. They were a nuisance to begin with but now I barely notice them. I went to the optician to have my eyes checked and everything was fine.

Bigred18 Mon 04-Jan-21 05:22:06

For floaters I don't think I'd rely on an optician for the best advice, perhaps get a referral to a specialist. They use a special implement to check that the retina isn't torn, something an optician doesn't do. My specialist checks mine every 6 months.

LadyGracie Mon 04-Jan-21 09:31:43

Mine are like fine cobwebs, the consultant told me they would disappear but 18 months later, they're still as bad.
I often think I can see something moving out of the corner of my eyes.
I'd rather not have them, but I've learned to live with them.

Sunnysideup Mon 04-Jan-21 15:24:51

Yes, I too have them and I do the same ie. move my eyes up and down and around to try and get them out of my field of vision. Yes, it’s worse when reading and yes, I do have regular eye tests. Optician doesn’t think there is anything that can be done about it. However, my eyes do get really dry and I find that regular use of moisturising eye drops seems to help. Don’t know how but it does!

MamaCaz Mon 04-Jan-21 15:48:06

I have them too.

They can be quite troublesome, especially when I am driving on a brightish day and the vision in one eye keeps clouding over a little.

It has taken me years to work out that floaters are causing the problem, and not dry eyes as all the opticians I have seen, since it began ten years ago, have suggested. In fact, my dryest eye is the least troublesome!

I wish drops had helped me, Sunnysideup. I have tried lots of different types for my dry eyes, but nearly all make my eyes very itchy, and none made any difference to my floaters.
I just have to carry on doing the up and down eye movements for that - at least that works for me 😊

WOODMOUSE49 Mon 04-Jan-21 15:55:42

I saw my optician some years ago about them. They are in both eyes.
He suggested something like the vitrectomy treatment and gave me a referral letter for the hospital.
Vision takes quite a while to get back to normal and the floaters can come back. After reading more about it I decided not to have it done.

I'm having to move my head a few times to clear my vision and type this comment.

EllanVannin Mon 04-Jan-21 15:58:34

I used to have them but they've gone ? Don't ask how. I don't go near an optician either and haven't had an eye test since 2003 hahahaha.
I do need a strength 3.0 for reading small print though so some £2 specs will do. Comp. specs are 2.5 strength.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 04-Jan-21 16:00:57

My hospital told me the names of the Opticians who are qualified to examine you if you have this problem, it has a special name for the appointment but I don’t remember it, they then Invoice the hospital.