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Colonography v Colonoscopy (not a pleasant topic sorry)

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nadateturbe Mon 04-Jan-21 19:16:39

I was due to have a colonography on Thursday but have postponed.
I got the prep and information today.
I don't like the idea of a scanner as I am very claustrophic about small spaces. Also a liquid is injected and I am afraid of having a reaction. I'm allergic to 3 antibiotics and also Floradix.
I have had 2 colonoscopies since 2015 and had polyps removed during both. ( sorry about too much information. So I can't see the point in it as I would probably need a colonoscopy afterwards. Why not go straight to the colonoscopy? ( which never bothers me).
Does this make sense?

Grannynannywanny Mon 04-Jan-21 19:25:01

nadateturbe I think that’s a question you need to ask of your hospital doctor. Even those of us on here who might be familiar with these procedures don’t know your medical problems.

You’ll get plenty of opinions here but at the end of the day they are only opinions. You need to get it straight from the horse’s mouth. I would be inclined to go with whatever procedure is suggested in an attempt to solve the problem.

I hope everything goes well for you.

wildswan16 Mon 04-Jan-21 19:37:07

I recently had both - as they were unable to complete the colonoscopy (couldn't get the scope round the bends)!

The scanner they used really isn't a problem. You only go through it once for a few seconds.

However, the only person who can answer you is your doctor so please try and get in touch for advice.

nadateturbe Mon 04-Jan-21 20:12:12

Thanks. I'll talk to the consultant again. I didn't realise it was such a short time Wildswan16. It says on the leaflet that it takes over an hour.

nadateturbe Mon 04-Jan-21 20:12:52

Thanks to both of you .

midgey Mon 04-Jan-21 20:19:18

A scan is in the doughnut shaped machine so your head won’t be ‘inside’ for very long at all.

nadateturbe Mon 04-Jan-21 21:25:22

Thanks Midgey. I think I need more information. Been here before. I really must try to remember to get all the information I need first time. Rather than paying for a second consultation.