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Simon CEO at Sansbury's. Exemplary communication.

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Alexa Tue 12-Jan-21 14:07:54

I have spent a lot of time in our stores over the past few days and I need to ask for your help with two key issues to keep you and all my colleagues safe.

When shopping in our stores, you must wear a mask or visor unless you have a medical exemption. And you should also shop on your own. Thank you for your support.

Security guards will support our colleagues at the front of store and will challenge customers who are not wearing masks or who are shopping in groups. I know you’ll understand and support what we are trying to do.

We have also significantly reduced the number of customers allowed in our stores at any one time to ensure social distancing is maintained at all times.

Together, these steps will go a long way to keep everyone safe, whether you are shopping or working with us.

Please wear a mask or visor and please shop alone in our stores. Thank you for helping us to keep everyone safe.

Best wishes


Alexa Tue 12-Jan-21 14:08:17


Nanna58 Tue 12-Jan-21 14:11:13

Please note Tesco, I am no longer shopping with you because my local store was well organised in the first lockdown but since then has been an absolute free for all !!!

Grannybags Tue 12-Jan-21 14:24:19

I got that this morning and was impressed.

I think Morrisons are also employing security guards

TerriBull Tue 12-Jan-21 14:37:42

I went to my Sainsburys this morning, I always go early because it's pretty quiet and the isles our wide so it's easy to distance. I can't remember seeing anyone in there without a mask, I haven't for weeks.

TerriBull Tue 12-Jan-21 14:38:14

our are

glammanana Tue 12-Jan-21 15:21:38

I got the e-mail this morning from Sainsburys and just heard on local news the other Supermarkets are doing the same which is a good thing.

Rosalyn69 Tue 12-Jan-21 15:25:09

I got the email too. I shop online with Sainsbury’s but I was impressed by his speedy action and communication.

Wheniwasyourage Tue 12-Jan-21 16:05:25

Good for them. The only supermarket we can go to is Tesco as the others are all more than 5 miles away, and our local one has been very well organised from the start. I'm glad they are adopting the same company policy about masks, as it makes it easier for managers like our local one to keep us all safer.

kittylester Tue 12-Jan-21 16:06:53

Well, I'm slightly miffed with Simon!

I spend a fortune with Sainsbury's, in Store (in the good old days) and now on line. I haven't had an email

DH insures both our cars with Sainsbury's, because it's cheap and we get double points on petrol, and he's had an email!!

And thinking about it, I buy most of the petrol!!

Franbern Tue 12-Jan-21 18:50:01

We received emails from Sainsbury all through the first Lockdown. Keeping us well informed.

I have continued to go for a weekly shop at my nearest one (about 3 miles drive). It has always been well organised, and except for one week, no queuing when I go.

It is a largish store and not a lot of customers when I go early on Monday mornings - often have whole aisles to myself. Have never seen any customers not wearing a mask and everybody is very polite and careful. Hand gel and spray for trolleys as we go in.

I am more than happy to continue, what is now, my ONLY weekly outing.

jusnoneed Tue 12-Jan-21 19:29:17

We shop at Tesco in next town to us, a large store which has plenty of room and has been well organised. I don't think I have seen any customers not wearing a mask. We do go around 7 - 7.30 in the morning, once a week. Call in Lidls on way home, just after they open so fairly quiet there too.
I think the worst thing in all the supermarkets are the home delivery pickers, they seem to congregate in aisles. You cannot keep much distance or you would never move!

Our local in town Sainsbury is small, has narrow aisles, and in first lockdown had huge queues all around the car park as they only let one out/one in after first intake. So avoided them, not that I go there often. We only have that and Waitrose, rarely go there.

SuzannahM Tue 12-Jan-21 19:46:39

That reads as if they are going to do something to prevent people from entering without masks - but I'm sure I saw earlier in the week that could not lawfully stop anyone from entering the store.

I think they have just gone back to queues and limited numbers in store.

Hejira Tue 12-Jan-21 19:48:43

Hmm. What happened to the hands part of Hands, Face, Space? I see plenty, if not all, of people wearing masks in stores but I see very few bothering to sanitise their hands (or basket and trolley handles) as they enter and leave the store. It would be more reassuring if stores were putting some emphasis on this aspect of virus transmission too.