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Thinning hair

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GranAT Mon 18-Jan-21 20:21:14

I'm finding that my hair if getting really thin and I am really self conscious about this. someone mentioned taking protein powder made from collagen. Has anyone tried this. Your help would be appreciated.

briwneyedgirl Tue 02-Feb-21 02:53:51

hello there, there are lots of supplements you can buy...Florisene is quite good if you're losing it because of iron deficiency. I felt my thick hair was almost going bald after my divorce, I could see my scalp, it was awful,but i've been taking multivitamins, vit b supplements and Florisene and it's got much better. Took a few months, but i could definitely see the regrowth. Good luck

FannyCornforth Tue 02-Feb-21 05:07:52

I post this on every 'problem hair' thread. I'm 49 and my hair had been getting progressively worse (thin) for about 15-20 years. It was falling out really badly. The hair lifecycle seemed to be incredibly short - as if it couldn't stay in my head. I must have tried every single product and supplement. I have spent hundreds, probably well over a thousand pounds on stuff. Nothing worked.

Get a blood test when you can.
I found out that I was vitamin D deficient (very) last January. I was given a very high loading dose and now take otc vitamin D. My hair is the best it's been for years.

Hope you get a good result soon.

Sparklefizz Tue 02-Feb-21 08:45:11

I am taking Collagen Hydrolysate Powder by Nature's Cure, Biotin 10,000 ug. by NuU Nutrition and Pure Hydrolised Marine Collagen with Hyaluronic Acid - all available from Amazon.

These have helped my hair considerably. It will never be really thick but at one point I was looking at toppers and wigs, and now I don't need to do that as it has improved considerably.

An added bonus is that I have fantastic nails which grow like crazy and my skin seems good too.

I am also taking a variety of other vitamins and minerals for my illnesses.

Sparklefizz Tue 02-Feb-21 08:45:54

The Marine Collagen is by Vitabright.

aggie Tue 02-Feb-21 08:51:45

I started taking vit D on advice from my hairdresser , and my hair seems to have stabilised , and my nails are stronger too 🙂

Baggs Tue 02-Feb-21 09:11:54

I thought hair thinning in aging women was more about hormones than anything else.

Just found this too. Looks reaonable.

Happy to be further educated. Always.

It's not just my head hair that's thinning, though I've noticed my cheeks near my hairline seem downier than they used to. I rather like that

J52 Tue 02-Feb-21 09:42:47

I’ve been taking Perfectil Hair,Skin and nail supplements for about 6 months. There’s definitely a noticeable difference in my nails they’re stronger and no longer flake. My hair also seems thicker, but I guess it takes a while for the tiny sprigs to grow and become noticeable. It has taken time, I don’t think there’s a quick fix.
I expect, like most things, there are several different reasons for the conditions so not all treatments will make a difference.

PBKNOX Thu 04-Feb-21 09:25:35

I, too, had faced the same problem after I shifted my home from Vancouver. At the time, I used Biotin & Collagen shampoo on alternate days and used some hair oils to avoid dryness. It is very simple to use that you need to apply the shampoo on the scalp and massage for 10-15 minutes, and wash off the shampoo after 20 minutes. The product is fantastic. After six months, I noticed the changes.