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my past still haunts me

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busybee6969 Tue 09-Feb-21 23:15:03

hubbys having daycase tests in hospital soon, both got to have a test covid and isolate couple of days before he goes in hospital.i have terrible nose problems can only breathe slightly out of it take year round steriod nose spraysbleed from nose a lot get very sore around and up nose, also past abuse makes things in my mouth ie dentist and ent tests very hard, i am nearly shaking thinking of the covid test right down throat and up my nose,getting in a real state

TwiceAsNice Tue 09-Feb-21 23:23:07

I do feel for you it’s not a pleasant thing to have even if you haven’t got bad associations . I’m so sorry you’ve had such a difficult past. In the short term could you let the hospital know how frightening it will be for you ? Would it help for you to ask to do the test yourself so you had more control? In the long term would you consider having some counselling to help with your bad memories? Do let us know how you get on and good luck

NellG Tue 09-Feb-21 23:25:40

I can understand why you're feeling so upset and anxious about the test.

Would it be possible to speak to your GP on the phone and ask him/her to prescribe a small dose of Lorazepam ( or similar) to at least relax you for the test? It's not unheard of for people to struggle with these things and a a single dose for a specific purpose wont be addictive.

Either way they might have a suggestion that will work. The Covid test isn't pleasant, but it's really quick so that's one mercy.

Alexa Tue 09-Feb-21 23:28:05

The throat swabbing only touches the back of your throat not other parts of your mouth, and certainly not "right down throat".

The nose swabs only touch the top of the lower part of your nostrils not the sides.

You need to ask your doctor about your phobia about ENT swabs. You do not need to put up with an uncomfortable phobia.

nadateturbe Tue 09-Feb-21 23:37:19

This won't cure your phobia but if you Google breathing to help anxiety you will get some breathing techniques which would help you to stay calm. It's what I will be doing tomorrow as I have a test in Thursday.

Jane43 Wed 10-Feb-21 13:15:59

How difficult for you. Please open up and tell the medical staff about your problem and I’m sure they will help you all they can. Our older son always had a phobia about being sick and when he had a suspected stomach ulcer and had to have a camera down his throat they could see he was tense so he told them why and they gave him a sedative. Speaking to your GP is a good idea.

Galaxy Wed 10-Feb-21 13:19:11

I am so sorry, please talk to them. They will have significant experience in dealing with those who have experienced trauma.