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Diabetic Foot Check

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Ngaio1 Thu 11-Feb-21 12:34:29

Yesterday I had my annual Diabetic check - usual things, bloods, blood pressure etc. I then had a foot check with the little "stabby" thing used to detect feeling (or loss of) in the feet. Nurse then produced a small gadget to test the pulse in my feet and lower legs. It was fascinating! I could hear the thump, thump of the blood moving through my limbs. Haven't known anything like it since I had ante natal checks years ago and could hear my daughter's heartbeat. Pleased to report that everything is fine and i am obviously doing the right things.

Septimia Thu 11-Feb-21 12:50:38

Pleased all is well. My friend had her check a little while ago, but didn't have the excitement of the pulse gadget.

tanith Thu 11-Feb-21 14:33:13

I bet that was interesting, my nurse just feels for the pulses with her fingers.

Ngaio1 Thu 11-Feb-21 19:35:25

Septima. Thank you. Perhaps it is something that has only been in use for a tiny while.

Tanith. It was interesting and I feel safer, somehow at hearing the blood pumping!

Floradora9 Thu 11-Feb-21 21:14:07

you were lucky my feel have not been loked at for well over a year. I did get my bloods tested and nobody bothered to tell me the results. However in Scotland you can keep track of them on Mydiabetesmyway a great site but they did not know I was doing this .