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Aches and pains

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watermeadow Sun 14-Feb-21 20:41:54

I’m in very good health but have a few achey joints. During the recent very cold, frosty, icy, snowy, windy weather all my dodgy joints have been bad together and I’m so stiff it’s hard to stand upright.
Is this what others have found too? My house is warm but I’m out for a couple of hours every day and looking forward to milder wetter weather.

MiniMoon Mon 15-Feb-21 00:06:30

It's my knees. Once I get going it's okay, but getting up from the sofa is painful, and getting down on the hearth rug to see to the wood burner is tricky.
Some good weather for a walk would help I think. Or perhaps a couple of new knees!

Redhead56 Mon 15-Feb-21 00:21:22

I had a hip replacement when 53 eleven years ago. I need a knee replacement I have had three operations on my hands. I am riddled with osteoarthritis I can only put it down to being on the beat for ten years working in all weathers.
I hate the cold I am wrapped up all the time my joints creek and swell with inflammation. Night time is bad as my joints are best kept exercised I wake up in discomfort. Our son recently put up an extra rail on the stairs as my knee collapses on me. Anyone with the same condition has my total sympathy.