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FannyCornforth Thu 18-Feb-21 10:01:27

Hello Everyone
I've looked for a thread about this but can't find a recent one, or one that is actually about sufferers of LC.
My DH is very poorly with it, after catching it and being hospitalised in November. The worst things are weakness, erratic breathing and an exceptionally bad headache.
I'll be phoning the GP tomorrow, but of course everything including treatment is in its infancy.
There's been quite a bit on the radio about LC this morning, both on 4 and LBC. Apparently 1 in 10 people who have had Covid get Long Covid.
I'm not sure what I'm after - just a chat I suppose.
Have you or your loved ones any experience? Thank you

polomint Thu 18-Feb-21 10:36:01

My brother in law has long covid. Caught virus last march. Exhausted most of the time. If he does any work at all, he has to lie down for a few hours to recover. Blood tests are abnormal but they dont know why. Came out in.lumps on his back. Has to go to hospital daily for oxygen type injections early on. That's stopped now. Still not back to normal. He is 65

annodomini Thu 18-Feb-21 10:42:20

My niece (42) has long covid, having had the virus last summer. She has extreme fatigue and frequently runs a temperature up to 40 degrees. She also has three primary school age children.

Sara1954 Thu 18-Feb-21 10:48:20

J was listening to a radio programme yesterday on this very subject. It seems that the lucky few who can attend these newly set up clinics, do improve, but there aren’t enough of them.
To be honest most of the people they spoke with said the main thing they learned, was to pace themselves, and breathing exercises seemed beneficial.
I guess they’re still learning, hopefully better treatments will emerge as time goes on.

FannyCornforth Fri 19-Feb-21 04:39:50

Thank you to you all for your replies.
Polomint and annodomini, such worrying situations for your bil and neice.
I'll be phoning the GP again today. I still don't know what is happening about my husband's vaccine.

NotSpaghetti Fri 19-Feb-21 07:18:48

Someone on the radio today thought they had long covid and it was diabetes!

Think you should consider this maybe. He wasn't diagnosed in time and is worse now than he needed to be.

FannyCornforth Fri 19-Feb-21 07:27:49

Hello NotSpaghetti, was that on radio 4? I think that I heard it in the background. I'm pretty certain that it's not diabetes. He's got every symptom in the Long Covid book unfortunately.
It's the headache that is the most debilitating thing.
He hasn't slept a wink all night. I've just given him some night nurse as a last resort.
I'm phoning GP in half an hour. Fingers crossed.

Urmstongran Fri 19-Feb-21 07:36:33

Our daughter (40y) got COVID last September when she went back into the classroom. She passed it to her husband and they and 2 children under 8y had to quarantine. No help allowed (obviously) so the parents had to play ‘tag’ minding the two jumping beans whilst the other one dragged themselves back up to bed for a couple of hours. She said it was a nightmare, being so poorly but not getting enough rest.

Our son in law was fine and went back to work after 3 weeks. Our daughter had 9 weeks of work, going back in to teach the week before Christmas. Breathless, a tight chest, racing heartbeat and under it all, anxiety - worrying what this new virus might be doing to her body. Quite frightening really. She had no underlying conditions.

She followed the NHS guidelines, spoke to the practice nurse and went out for a shuffle up the road to return exhausted to lie on the sofa. She said she felt so old. No mojo at all. One day whilst out walking her breathing scared her. A new symptom of a very crackly chest on inspiration. She took herself to the walk in centre (got stopped at the door and questioned why she’d turned up but was allowed straight in).

Had blood tests, an ECG, oxygen sats checked and a chest x-ray. All fine which hugely reassured her obviously. She said the A&E doctor looked at her chest x-ray and said ‘luckily, no signs of blood clots in your lungs’. She didn’t even consider that as a possibility and said so. The doctor sighed and said ‘it’s so new, we’re learning all the time’.

Anyway, the good news - it’s February, she went back to school after Christmas and slowly, slowly her energy levels have returned. She doesn’t look pale and washed out any more. She had a photo taken on her 40th birthday at Christmas and looking back at it now, she looked wiped out.

Sorry for such a long post but I hoped it might help other readers.

Santana Fri 19-Feb-21 07:36:48

My daughter aged 36 has LC after suffering Covid last March. There seems to be more information appearing on line regularly, so worth a good Google.
The GPs aren't able to help much as all so new with varying symptoms. My daughter suffers from fatigue, nose bleeds, inflammation of the sternum, swollen hands and feet with tingling and pain, headaches, plus some other random symptoms.
It's horrible, and very debilitating.
Pacing helps, but hard to do when you are a single mum and a care provider. However some progress is being made, even if it's 2 steps forward and one step back.
I thought she improved after her vaccination (Phizer) but this is probably coincidence and wishful thinking.
My GS also had Covid, he was 13 then, and suffers from nose bleeds, plus the occasional achy day.
I hope your husband starts to feel better soon.

Santana Fri 19-Feb-21 07:42:17

I should have also mentioned that my daughter went through all of the tests as mentioned by Urmstongram and nothing untoward showed.
Anxiety was also a big problem, and GP prescribed some 'happy pills' which have really helped. DD calls them that, not me.

kittylester Fri 19-Feb-21 08:07:26

Our younger son has long Covid but it much, much better. He took himself off for increasingly longer and longer walks. He suffered from awful brain fog and was very clumsy.

A friend has helped set up a post Covid clinic and has already held some rehab sessions. The 'course' is 6 weeks long and there is 'homework'!

Another friend (who is a professional singer has started some 'breathing session' on U tube.

NotSpaghetti Sat 20-Feb-21 09:31:24

Yes fanny radio4. It was quite alarming how “long COVID” the symptoms were.