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Left side ablation for atrial flutter

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foxie48 Sun 07-Mar-21 10:35:46

I developed persistent atrial flutter in August, went into for an ablation in December but unfortunately it's left side not right, which is the usual location and they couldn't do it. I had a cardioversion which has put my heart back into sinus rhythm and I'm on the usual meds ATM to keep things stable. I'm hoping I'll be offered another ablation, understand it's more risky than the right side one but I don't tolerate the meds that well and they interfere with my ability to live a normal life. So, is there anyone out there that has had a left side ablation for flutter (not fib), how did it go and what was your experience, please?

InnocentBystander Sun 07-Mar-21 17:59:53

My wife has occasional paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia and is treated with beta blockers. Catheter ablation has been suggested as a final cure but she's reluctant. I have no idea whether this is the same as your ablation but I shall keep an eye on replies. I wish you all the best with yours foxie48

foxie48 Sun 07-Mar-21 19:30:28

Thanks! My daughter has SVT, had her first attack on her 7th birthday but fortunately, although she still gets episodes, generally she can stop them fairly quickly. Just as well as she's an anaesthetist! She doesn't require an ablation but I know she'd have one if they started to become an issue. Having had all the prep for one, I was pretty relaxed and comfortable and it's a very tried and tested procedure if it's the right side that needs treatment.

rafichagran Mon 08-Mar-21 17:53:57

I have had a ablation for SVT, I do hope you get it done, it made my life easier.