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Crown fell out Advice needed

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nadateturbe Mon 22-Mar-21 14:22:22

I can't get an appointment until 8 April.
The area where the crown was is black. Anyone know if this normal? Anything I should do to help until I see the dentist? Or am I worrying about nothing. The receptionist when asked said I could try cemeting it in myself which I didn't think was helpful at all.

KarenR Mon 22-Mar-21 14:27:17

You can buy temporary cement, I think Boots sell it.

H1954 Mon 22-Mar-21 14:29:42

Call NHS 111, they will refer you to an emergency dentist much sooner.

nadateturbe Mon 22-Mar-21 15:00:36

Karen thanks but there are two prongs on the crown (sorry tmi). I would not know where to start. I'm trying another recommended dentist. If not I'll try our helpline. H1954 my daughter in Brighton has a longer wait. Her crown fell out weeks ago. What a coincidence. She was told it isn't classed as an emergency. Her appointment is towards end of April.

vegansrock Mon 22-Mar-21 15:07:27

See a private dentist if you can afford it, they won’t charge much for glueing it back on, or they might tell you there is decay underneath so needs replacement. It’s worth spending money on your teeth.

Gelisajams Mon 22-Mar-21 16:39:29

It’s possible the black area is the old amalgam filling you had before the crown was fitted.

nadateturbe Mon 22-Mar-21 17:31:53

Thanks Gelisajams hopefully it is.
I've got some recommendations Vegansrock so I will ring tomorrow. All closed now. Private isn't a problem thankfully.

nadateturbe Tue 23-Mar-21 22:07:55

I managed to get an appointment on Thursday with another dental practice which was recommended. Thanks folks.

GrannyRose15 Wed 24-Mar-21 00:42:47


Call NHS 111, they will refer you to an emergency dentist much sooner.

Probably only if you say you are in pain. That's my experience anyway.

nadateturbe Wed 24-Mar-21 11:58:31

Thanks GrannyRose15, but I got an appointment.