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Upper Endoscopy - Large Polyp

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Thistlelass Mon 29-Mar-21 23:20:22

So I had Endoscopy today. This was due to 'stomach issues' I have been experiencing - since around December 2019 off and on. Some heartburn and nausea. As I was continuing to feel a bit unwell and felt I was experiencing bloating etc I spoke with GP and this procedure was arranged. So the Consultant found a large polyp - one with three points to it she said- just at the top of the duodenum. Biopsies being requested urgently. Has anyone any experience of? I did the bowel cancer screen just in beginning of the year and it was clear. Feel a wee bit worried though.

Kerenhappuch Mon 29-Mar-21 23:28:50

No personal experience of a polyp on the duodenum, but didn't want to read and run. I can imagine how worried you feel at the moment.

I hope the biopsies come back clear, and that if you need any treatment it can be arranged quickly and efficiently.

All the best to you. xxx

Thistlelass Thu 01-Apr-21 19:00:46

Thank you for your consideration and good wishes. No word as yet and I oscillate between better sort out the Will and life insurance to it will be fine

Whingingmom Thu 01-Apr-21 19:03:36

You are bound to be worried. I don’t know much about polyps but I hope your biopsy brings good news and I’m sending good wishes and positive vibes.

Thistlelass Thu 01-Apr-21 20:25:09

Thank you so much. Hopefully will be all right.

Jaxjacky Thu 01-Apr-21 20:51:54

Thistlelass I’ve had an endoscopy, but sorry, no idea on polyps, not much help.
I hope you get the biopsy results quickly and that all is clear 🤞 I can sympathise with your worries 💐

Thistlelass Wed 21-Apr-21 08:37:40

Good Morning everyone. At last I have my result. The polyp I have in my duodenum is a Tubulovillous Adenoma. It is showing mild dysplasia. Essentially these polyps are of a type which can become cancerous. I have been referred to surgery for removal. This has really frightened me and I know I am lucky. We all worry about colon cancer (I asking for checks for further unseen polyps) but I don't know that we question sufficiently why we would need to stay on medications such as Omeprazole for 'indigestion and heartburn'. Just posting in order people can think about whether they want to ask their Doctors for an exploratory endoscope.

nadateturbe Wed 21-Apr-21 09:01:19

I dont know if this is helpful.
I have had several polyps removed from my colon which could become cancerous and I have the test repeated regularly. They take quite a long time to develop.
I take omeprazole because I have gastritis. Perhaps you could ask why you have to take omeprazole. I don't think we should ever take pills that we don't need to take.

Nancy0 Tue 27-Apr-21 20:37:59

Hi everyone.... I've just joined gransnet and I'm looking forward to chatting with you all. Hope all goes well for you Thistlelass.

nadateturbe Wed 28-Apr-21 13:29:28

Hi NancyO. Welcome to GN. I hope you enjoy your time on the various threads. There's such a variety there's something to suit everyone. And people are so helpful.

Nancy0 Thu 29-Apr-21 00:14:09

Thank you so much! Lovely to see how helpful everyone is!!