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Dull ache on Left Side of Stomach/Rib Area

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PinkSweetPea Tue 30-Mar-21 13:56:08

I have had a dull ache on left side of stomach and rib area for a over a week now and been taking paracatomol which does help but pain keeps coming back. I had my Covid vaccine around same time the ache came on so not sure if there is a connection, does say abdominal pains as a rare symptom on leaflet, but not had any other side effects.

I tried to go on my GPs online appointment system but its says no more appointments for today.

Just wondered if anyone had any ideas what it could be as I am quite anxious which probably is not helping me.


Whitewavemark2 Tue 30-Mar-21 14:12:27

Phone the doctor, and make sure it isn’t a heart issue.

nadateturbe Tue 30-Mar-21 14:21:03

I agree. You need it checked out.

Aldom Tue 30-Mar-21 18:15:16

You could ring 111 if you are still worried and unable to get an appointment with the GP.

EllanVannin Tue 30-Mar-21 18:35:36

Liver ?

EllanVannin Tue 30-Mar-21 18:42:35

Gall Bladder ?

Whiff Tue 30-Mar-21 19:30:57

You need to talk to your GP. My mom had pain in her ribs when she was in her 50s after tests she was diagnosed with osteoporosis. But it can be anything. Phone as soon as your surgery opens in the morning and you should be able to talk to your GP. If it gets worse during the night go to A&E. Better safe than sorry.

Jaxjacky Tue 30-Mar-21 20:26:43

Either GP or 111 if it gets worse, marvellous though we are here, we’re not medics, get a professional opinion and good luck.

BlueSky Tue 30-Mar-21 21:07:15

Left side could be the pancreas or just the muscles between the ribs. But you need to speak to your GP, even if it’s just a phone consultation.

PinkSweetPea Wed 31-Mar-21 14:27:03

Thanks for your replies. I managed to get an appointment this afternoon and spoke to a nurse this morning who said to bring a urine sample in and she will check my tummy for me. So will see what they say later

Blinko Wed 31-Mar-21 14:53:13

Liver and Gall Bladder are under the ribs on the right....

PinkSweetPea Wed 31-Mar-21 19:28:49

Been to see the nurse and she tested my urine and said it had a small amount of blood and showing slight infection, she is sending it to the lab. Not been given any antibiotics yet she said to see what comes back from lab. Also she checked my stomach and rib area and asked me lots of questions and could not find anything worrying but said given it another week and see how the pain is or if it gets worse to call them. She also said it could be a side effect from the vaccine. At least it has put my mind at rest as I was getting very anxious.
Thanks for listening

Aveline Wed 31-Mar-21 19:47:28

That sounds like a useful visit to the nurse. I hope you're feeling better soon.

Whiff Thu 01-Apr-21 06:32:36

Pink you should have been given antibiotics there and then as it's sounds as you don't just have a UTI but a kidney infection. I have been suffering recurring UTIs and kidney infections since September. Been referred to urologist but got to wait for phone consultation and then hopefully tests to fine out why. Started another kidney infection Monday on antibiotics for a week only 2 weeks since my last one.

Check back with your surgery about results. If you are still in pain you need help don't be fobbed off.

merlotgran Thu 01-Apr-21 11:59:47

I also think you should nag your surgery for the results, PinkSweetPea. I'm surprised you weren't prescribed antibiotics straight away.

With a bank holiday coming up you don't want your symptoms to worsen and have to rely on 111.

I don't want to be alarmist but a wait and see approach can waste valuable time. Blood in urine should not be taken lightly.