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Getting v frustrated with speed of recovery

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Katek Wed 31-Mar-21 09:57:53

Grr! Never patient with myself! I’m becoming very frustrated by the speed of my recovery from my partial hip replacement 9 weeks ago. I’m pretty mobile with the elbow crutch, personal care, a little light housework and have driven this week albeit a very short distance. My main problem is not my hip per se but my hip flexor tendons - very uncomfortable and showing only minimal signs of improvement. Any one else have this problem after surgery?

silverlining48 Wed 31-Mar-21 10:09:26

Katek Are you getting some physiotherapy. If so do they think your recovery is on track? Dont have experience myself but am sure someone will be along shortly.

Katek Wed 31-Mar-21 11:00:17

Thanks silverlining I am getting physio and she seems quite happy with me. All she has said re these tendons is that it’s difficult to stretch them out after hip surgery. I just have a constant feeling of groin strain which is annoying to say the least! angry

silverlining48 Wed 31-Mar-21 11:46:55

Tendons are funny things, I had a bad fall and pulled some in my ankle a few years ago, and was relieved it wasnt broken, but it actually took a lot longer to heal than a broken ankle.
Sorry am not being much help, and hope others may respond before you drop off the end of the thread.
All will be well and it wont be long before you are skipping along the road.

ElaineI Wed 31-Mar-21 23:06:10

9 weeks is not very long following an operation like that. I am on the list for a bunion op and have been told I would probably have swelling for 3 months or more by the consultant. I think you are being too hard on yourself Katek. Best wishes though x

muse Wed 31-Mar-21 23:31:12

I was given a list of regular exercises to do after my total hip replacement. By regular it was every hour and I built up the amount of repetitions. I also alternated between ice and heat packs on hip every night. Sorry, but I din't have much pain with the tendon.

I used to do a lot of Pilates before and went back to doing it after 4 months. The lady who did the classes had worked with others who'd had hip replacements. I've not got full flexibility back with my tendon. You should be seeing your surgeon soon so it will be a good time to bring up your worries.

Good luck with it.

Pammie1 Sat 03-Apr-21 11:01:23

I hesitate to ask how old you are, but speed of recovery very much depends on age and whether you have any other health issues. I had a a full Hip replacement at 21 and was back at work around 8 weeks later. I am now 63 and I doubt very much whether the recovery timescale would be the same these days. I also think that after the pain you go through while awaiting the surgery, there’s an expectation that you’ll be pain free once the joint is replaced. This is not always the case and it does take time. It couldn’t hurt to express your concerns of your physiotherapist to get a professional opinion.

Madwoman11 Sat 03-Apr-21 11:13:38

A friend of mine went private for physiotherapy, and even then it took best part of a year to get anything like back to normal and she is an extremely fit lady.
She was given many different types of exercise to do and told walking just isn't enough. She was dancing, using an exercise bike, doing sideways steps, walking lots and probably more I no nothing about.
Perhaps think about going to a private physiotherapist, but I agree it is early days yet.
Btw You tube will have lots of exercises which will be for people like yourself.

GreenGran78 Sat 03-Apr-21 11:38:31

I was 79 when I had mine done. I had a lot of pain for the first few weeks, especially getting in and out of bed, but made a quick recovery after that. I didn’t have any physio, but just kept myself moving as much as possible.
Various friends have also had hip replacements, with varying results. Age or state of fitness seems to have little to do with it. I can only think that the competence of the surgeon may affect the time it takes to recover, and I was very lucky with mine.

montymops Sat 03-Apr-21 11:53:21

I had a full left hip replacement mid/end January. I am 77. Was driving after 6 weeks. Crutches dispensed with after 7 weeks. Each day there is an improvement- Now mostly OK but leg still a bit swollen - and still difficult to bend down and remove sock from left foot. However in time it will be fine I’m sure - as will yours. The surgeon is key.

barbaralynne Sat 03-Apr-21 12:47:55

I had a total hip replacement just over 4 years ago. I then slipped off a pavement 6 weeks later and strained the tendon on the inside of the joint, the iliapsoas tendon. Several months later I was referred back to the surgeon who gave me a steroid injection into the tendon which helped enormously.
I could then lift that knee to get dressed, go upstairs etc. I still get a little pain on occasions but have good range of movement.
Maybe you might benefit from similar. I saw a private physio and she wrote to the surgeon with her diagnosis and suggested the injection would help.
Hope you get help soon.

Babs758 Sat 03-Apr-21 12:52:58

Be careful with the physio. In my case I overdid it and it set me back a bit.. Keep moving but be careful, especially if your physio has recommended squats.. I was 58 when I had a total hip replacement and was back at work after 12 weeks. Practice walking with crutches with back straight and heel to toe walking. has some really good advice for newbie hippies. I found their support invaluable. (Free!)

Babs758 Sat 03-Apr-21 12:53:59

PS took me a year before completely back to normal but was driving my sports car after 12 weeks! The consultant recommended selling it. NOpe!

Redhead56 Sat 03-Apr-21 13:01:48

I had total hip replacement eleven years ago. I had physiotherapy which seemed hard at the time but helped me. I was not encouraged to use a crutch or any support so I didn’t.

The worst thing for me was that I could not take pain relief I can remember the pain still now. My biggest problem was a slight difference in leg length I had to wear a wedge in my shoe. After a few months it was a lot better I did not drive for three months. I need a knee replacement but will not be having it done.

mazgoli Sat 03-Apr-21 13:48:53

Pammiel, may I ask you a question? You say that you had a THR at 21. Have you needed to have it done again? My son had one at 23 and is concerned how long it may last.

Bellocchild Sat 03-Apr-21 13:59:24

Elaine1 It's worth buying 2 (cheap) pairs of identical shoes for a bunion op, one your normal size and one two sizes bigger, to accommodate the quite lengthy post-op swelling. I have usually usually bought inexpensive chain-store trainers, and sold the bigger pair after, or given them to charity. I've had a few foot operations!

Tickledpink Sat 03-Apr-21 14:47:08

I had a total hip replacement in February, I’m 61. No pain relief needed after 5 weeks. No crutches after 4 weeks. I can’t see me putting my socks on without help for a good while yet. I unfortunately suffered a dislocation after surgery, it’s a mystery how! Nevertheless my recovery has been good. Physio is still ongoing.

annodomini Sat 03-Apr-21 14:48:27

I had my total hip replacement 15 years ago. I didn't have any physio, but was advised to walk a little more each day which I did, At the six week check up with the specialist physio I was given the go-ahead to start swimming again and was down to one crutch. I think I must have been reasonably fit at that time because I had no setbacks. The partial shoulder replacement a year later was far more complicated and the physio was gruelling, but at least it didn't prevent me walking.

GrauntyHelen Sat 03-Apr-21 17:15:33

A partial replacement or repair takes much longer to recover from and is generally more painful You must be more patient with yourself and don't overdo it If the physios etc are happy content yourself that progress is good

Bonnie56 Sat 03-Apr-21 23:54:25

I had a hip replacement 5 years ago and from 4 weeks after felt that my recovery was not going as it should. Groin pain and when lifting my leg. Eventual diagnosis of illiopsoas tendonitis after 2 years of further investigations, physio etc, have had 5 injections but still in pain when walking or climbing stairs . My advice would be to make your feelings very clear to your surgeon if you have any concerns at all regarding your recovery.

Hil1910 Sun 04-Apr-21 00:10:51

My right hip joint was totally replaced 12 years ago when I was 53 and I was non weight bearing requiring the use of arm crutches for 9 weeks. Post op I did the prescribed exercises but nothing too strenuous for fear of dislocation. After 12 weeks I returned to work and really never looked back. Please try and be patient with yourself, it’s not a race. I’m sure your physio will let you know what your expectations should be at this stage and whether you’re meeting them.

sparkynan Sun 04-Apr-21 06:40:27

Try asking on these forums:

Katek Sun 04-Apr-21 20:22:21

Thank you to everyone who has shared their experiences and also your advice/suggestions. I’m feeling a lot more optimistic today so onwards and upwards......I’ll get there!

Pammie1 Sat 10-Apr-21 15:55:33

@Mazgoli Hi - sorry it took me a while to get back to you. I should explain that I have spina bifida and the hip joint was wearing down quickly because of the way I walked. I had a couple of quite painful corrective surgeries first, as they were reluctant to do a THR because of my age and the likelihood that further replacements would be necessary, but there was little option by the time I got to the age of 21. I actually got 40 years out of it, but you do have to factor in that I have always used a wheelchair outdoors as I can’t walk far without back pain - so that’s probably extended the life of the joint a bit. I still have the original joint but it does need to be replaced - pain and other issues over about the last 18 months. Hope that helps.