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Achilles Tendonitis Advice Please

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Sunnyoutlook Fri 02-Apr-21 08:14:40

After wearing my Summer Skechers 3 days ago the back of one heel felt sore. I assumed the shoe had rubbed it so went back to my normal everyday shoes. Yesterday walking back from town my heel was so painful I couldn’t walk at all and had to ring my daughter to pick me up and drive me home. Am taking ibuprofen and rubbing Voltarol gel into the heel. Has anyone had something similar?

tanith Fri 02-Apr-21 08:21:08

I have this also, mine has actually been swollen, I've tried ice, rest and lots of different stretches and gels but nothing has really improved. Its been painful for a while now but not enough to stop my daily walk, funnily enough I wear skechers too.

Aldom Fri 02-Apr-21 08:23:12

When I had inflammation of the tenden to the patella I found intermittent pain relief from using an aerosol Freeze Spray

Grannynannywanny Fri 02-Apr-21 08:55:07

Sunnyoutlook I was diagnosed with this painful problem in both feet. It had just subsided in one when it flared up in the other.

I recommend you ask your GP to refer you to a hospital podiatrist. This was a game changer for me. I had reached the stage walking just a mile would cause my Achilles’ tendon to swell and the pain was severe.

The podiatrist supplied me with Achilles’ tendon supports to wear on both feet while walking outdoors. The relief and support was amazing. I can now walk 5 miles pain free and just have a mild discomfort that evening.

It’s a substantial support. Pulls on like a regular ankle support but has a built in heel wedge underneath and thick gel panels which mould around the back of the ankle and support the tendon.

I hope you can find relief.

Sunnyoutlook Fri 02-Apr-21 09:50:56

Tanith, Aldom and Grannynannywanny. Thank you all for your advice. I don’t drive now so need my feet to travel around. I shall look into your recommendations. Thank you again.

Sunnyoutlook Thu 15-Apr-21 17:24:23

I posted two weeks ago about injuring my Achilles’ tendon. Have seen my GP who said it’s Achilles tendonopathy and has given me two weeks worth of a strong anti inflammatory and a self referral address of a local physio clinic. Apart from walking I couldn’t understand how this had happened. On reading up on it online I found there’s a link between my injury and inhaled steroids. I’ve been asthmatic for 50 years and have used a steroid inhaler for 30 years. It’s quite alarming to think the injury may never completely heal and what if it affects my other foot. Has anyone else suffered a similar thing?

May7 Thu 15-Apr-21 18:45:46

I had this condition for 2 years. Came on out of the blue 6years ago. I was given anti inflammatories, acupuncture, physiotherapy, digoxin patches, eccentric heel stretches, ultrasound, kinesthetic taping and sympathy. Eventually after doggedly pestering my Gp I obtained a referral to an orthopaedic consultant who told me to lose weight !!! Soooo helpful. The nurse practitioner at the consultation pulled me to one side, apologised for his behaviour and gave me Achilles tendon supports. They sound like the ones that were described by Grannynannywanny I wore them and this condition cleared up in a week !!

Hope this information helps you because Achilles tendinopathy is very debilitating and you have my utmost sympathy

Sunnyoutlook Thu 15-Apr-21 19:47:00

May7 Thank you so much for your reply. I shall look into the tendon supports. Just so good to find someone else who has had the same condition.