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Cataract Operation

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bonfirebirthday Sun 04-Apr-21 18:39:01

I had a cataract operation and am now on day 9 with 3 lots of eye drops 4 times a day and the eye shield at bedtime for another 6 days. My problem is, I cannot stop worrying about my eye even though there is nothing wrong with it. If someone can suggest how to alleviate my negative thoughts I will be extremely grateful. My partner is very helpful but even his patience is beginning to wane.

NotSpaghetti Mon 05-Apr-21 16:36:05

I think there are plenty of Gransnetters who have had thus op.
I don't have advice but someone will pop along soon I'm sure.
Good luck.

Puzzled Mon 05-Apr-21 16:37:20

All the folk that I know who have had the op say how it has improved things form them.
So look forward to how much better things will be shortly once you have convalesced. Colours will be brighter and clearer, and lights, at night, will be less starry. Think how much better that will be for night driving!
Look for the light at the end of the tunnel!