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Experiences of wearing dental braces as an adult?

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Vixter Mon 05-Apr-21 21:54:05

Hi I’ve been referred to an orthodontist due to a jaw misalignment which means that I can only eat on one side of my mouth. The suggested treatment is extractions, implants and wearing train track braces. I beyond terrified due to painful orthodontics in my teens which have left me with a dental phobia. I’m now in my late 50s and worried about coping with the pain and the treatments as well as the appearance of train tracks. Invisalign braces are not an option. Any positive experiences of adult wearing braces?

B9exchange Wed 07-Apr-21 13:20:39

I'm afraid I am like you, a very traumatic orthodontic experience in my teens. It sounds like you have no option, but surely things have moved on in the past 50 years?!

I hope someone will come along and help you out, the only advice I could give would be to get more than one opinion before deciding what treatment to go for. Good luck! flowers

PaperMonster Wed 07-Apr-21 13:55:34

I had extensive orthodontic work done in my 40s culminating in an op to realign my jaw. Very positive experience- sometimes a bit painful. But I am so glad I had it done. Ask any questions you like! Oh and I had train tracks and loved picking out the colour of bands to use!!

jenny04 Mon 12-Apr-21 12:33:47

Had gone through a similar situation like yours! I was also dental phobic which pulled me back from dental checkups. The situation reversed one year ago. I had met with an accident and it affected my jaws severely. They got misaligned and ended up in a dental clinic. I had refused to go to the clinic, however, I had no other option. My dentist was a nice person, he cared me like his son. He prescribed me ceramic braces (which will not harm your mouth like traditional metallic braces). It was very light and you may not feel any disturbances of having braces. So, I would prefer you to try out it once.

Ele19 Mon 12-Apr-21 12:50:16

Go for it, my train track braces came off two years ago and I have straight teeth for the first time in my life. Worse bits, the thought of getting two teeth out at my own dentist first as I’m a big scaredy but survived that ok, injections much less painful these days and very understanding dentist! Orthodontists not like being at the dentists no drills etc and surprisingly not all school kids either. Discomfort having them put on and tightened but soon get used to them.
Ps was over 50 when put on!