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Crowns need work... I think.

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AuntieEleanorsCat Tue 06-Apr-21 10:07:38

I’m nearly 60. I hate the dentist. All dentists. Lovely people but as a child, I grew up in the 60’s when dentists got paid for the treatments they did and I had a mouth full of fillings. I’ve never needed one since, in nearly 50 yrs, which says much.

Due to kidney problems as a child and young adult (3 lots of surgery) I was given a lot of tetracyclines and consequently my teeth were soft, moving around my mouth each time braces were removed and at age 20, my then dentist told me I ought to have crowns. I remember going home and telling my mum and bursting into tears... “I’ve got to have false teeth!”

Anyway, in went 6 crowns and they were painful but, lovely.

Skip forward 40yrs. I’ve really looked after them. All, but one have been replaced/updated after falling off or breaking. But... now, they’re all sensitive. Horribly. I cannot drink fluids unless tepid. Unless my milk is warmed, I can’t eat cereal, have to take tablets with water warmed a bit in the microwave. Even outside air hurts. It’s gradually gotten worse but I first went to my dentist 2 yrs ago with the problem. She told me to “up my flossing”. I see the dentist twice yearly and the hygienist every three months. I went away, feeling a bit insulted but did as asked. My dental hygiene has always been good which is why my crowns have lasted so long and I’ve not needed any fillings/extractions since I was a child.

A year ago, just before lockdown, the dentist put a “band” of filling on top of the crowns but literally, within three days, they’d come off. I was back to painful sensitive teeth. I carried in with the Corsodyl, Pro-enamel toothpastes, interdent sticks, floss, brushes etc.

Skip forward to five weeks ago. Now, I have very painful teeth. One has cracked and she’s told me to be very gentle with it and she’ll see me in May.

I think, it’s time for new crowns. The dentist has said that this isn’t possible as it’s only “cosmetic” work. I told her one of them is “an original” and is 40yrs old which proves I’ve done as much as possible from my side, in caring for my teeth. She’s told me I can have them done at a cost of £4,000. I’m in Denplan so, it might be slightly less. If I don’t pay, I’ll need to wait till my crowns either crack, decay or drop off.

What should I do. This dentist is new at the practice, in the past couple of years. She’s absolutely lovely but my old dentist told me before leaving how well I’d looked after my teeth but... they will need replacing “soon”.

I’m at a loss.


Aveline Tue 06-Apr-21 10:39:33

Sounds like they really do need to be replaced. It might not be as traumatic as it was 40 years ago though. It sounds expensive but probably money well spent if it means you have no more pain and don't have to go to the lengths you're having to go to for basic daily activities like a drink of water.
I recently had to have a dental procedure which I was dreading. I was aware of the dentist fiddling about in my mouth and couldn't believe it when he said, 'That's it done'!

Peasblossom Tue 06-Apr-21 11:00:32

I feel for you because the same thing has happened to me. Gums shrink with age and now there is a line of exposed root between the old crown and the gum. It’s nothing to do with how you look after them, just age creeping on.

The source of the saying ‘long in the tooth’ 🙂

No solution except new crowns I’m afraid, that will come up to the new gum line. I’m with Denplan and it has made a difference to the overall cost.

Peasblossom Tue 06-Apr-21 11:01:48

I even microwave my salad for a few seconds😬🙄

Shinamae Tue 06-Apr-21 11:05:32

I think in a short time I will need a new bridge but my dentist has told me I might have to have false teeth because there might not be enough bone left to attach the bridge so hopefully you have enough bone for the crowns....

AuntieEleanorsCat Tue 06-Apr-21 12:30:39

Ahhh... @Peasblossom ... I’m with Denplan so, how might it make a difference?

AuntieEleanorsCat Tue 06-Apr-21 12:32:31

Thanks for the replies. It’s awful isn’t it? I can honestly say, I’ve never neglected my choppers... so great is my fear of the dentist 😐

Old age!

Marydoll Tue 06-Apr-21 12:46:00

I have a morbid fear of dentists, after horrific experiences as a child, but I have attended regularly.
Last month, I lost my front tooth due to multiple health conditions, it basically just died. An NHS crown was not suitable, due to my health problems having a major impact on my mouth, so a private crown cost £700. This may give you an idea of the cost.
I had to have it done, as I'm immunosuppressed and wide open to infection.
It wasn't in the least bit painful and two took appointments. I only had an anaesthetic for the second appointment as the tooth beside it had become infected and I would have to stop my RA meds, before being allowed antibiotics.
The second appointment took seventy minutes, but I was fine.

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised at how the the experience had changed, after getting a replacement crown ten years ago.

It may not be as bad as you fear! Good luck!

AuntieEleanorsCat Tue 06-Apr-21 13:02:18

Marydoll... thank you. That’s reassuring. I think I need to bite the proverbial bullet and make the appointment 😐

PamelaJ1 Tue 06-Apr-21 16:40:35

I had 3 crowns at the front, like you a victim of a drill happy dentist. Not helped , I must admit, by a sports injury.They were always dropping off even though one of them had all sorts of screws in it.
I never used them to bite.
Now I have 4 implants. Well worth every penny. Is this an option for you?

AuntieEleanorsCat Tue 06-Apr-21 19:38:40


I had 3 crowns at the front, like you a victim of a drill happy dentist. Not helped , I must admit, by a sports injury.They were always dropping off even though one of them had all sorts of screws in it.
I never used them to bite.
Now I have 4 implants. Well worth every penny. Is this an option for you?

I’d be very scared. The pain. And the cost. And do you walk about toothless, as it were, til your implants are ready?

AuntieEleanorsCat Tue 06-Apr-21 19:55:45

They still look fine because I don’t have a “gum exposing” smile. But the excruciating sensitivity is getting unbearable.

PamelaJ1 Tue 06-Apr-21 20:06:09

Not a lot of pain, if you have a problem with injections you won’t like it but I haven’t.
Before he embarked on the procedure I had to have my bone density checked.
Then- teeth out and pegs in immediately followed by temporary crowns over the pegs. Next step, a wait of about 3months ( I can’t really remember exactly but could look at my notes if you are interested). the only problem I had was that I take turmeric and it stained the plastic so my teeth were a bit yellow!

PamelaJ1 Tue 06-Apr-21 20:07:23

The plastic teeth were the temporary ones😂

kittylester Tue 06-Apr-21 20:07:25

I quite like dentists. They are just doing a job.

Marydoll Tue 06-Apr-21 20:43:34

AuntieEleanorsCat I had two fake teeth put in at the front before the new crown. The first one at my emergency appointment to fill in the gap, until my rheumatologist could be contacted. The second at my preparation appointment. They looked real and stayed in until the new porcelain crown was ready three weeks later, unlike years ago.
I was amazed at how realistic they looked and took about ten minutes to make.

I have RA in my jaw and have osteoporosis, so it was debatable whether it could be done, but my consultant gave the go-ahead.
Dentistry has moved on so much. I will repeat, there was no pain at all, only minor discomfort, which took about week to settle down. . You will be in so much more pain if you get an infection.
If you are so apprehensive, why don't you ask about sedation?

Nannagarra Tue 06-Apr-21 21:02:21

After a gap then a plate (which lifted on occasion and I got food underneath it) I went through exactly the same procedure as PamelaJ1 and can highly recommend it. The surgery I used was suggested by my NHS dentist and has the added advantage of treating nervous patients (fortunately not applicable to me). I wish I’d done it sooner and I’d do it again without hesitation. If you can access the practice - in Cheshire - PM me.