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Blocked tear ducts

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Alypoole Mon 12-Apr-21 16:29:29

Has anyone had blocked tear ducts treated successfully?

Bakingmad0203 Mon 12-Apr-21 17:32:00

I’ve had 3 operations for this. The first time both eyes done by local anaesthetic. A stent was put into the tear ducts to open them up. One eye was fine, the other became infected and the operation had to be repeated. It was not successful
A third operation was advised because I kept getting eye infections and had been attending the eye clinic every 6 weeks for a year. This time by general anaesthetic, a hole was drilled into my nose bone to replace the blocked tear duct. It was unsuccessful.
The appearance of my eye has changed. The upper lid is swollen most of the time and I have more wrinkles under my eye. So I would say unsuccessful. I’m not going to have another operation, I have a foam eye wash which I use when it gets sticky and take plenty of tissues with me, when I go out.
A shame, as I used to think my eyes were my best feature.😥

kittypaws49 Wed 14-Apr-21 14:22:03

Yes, I have one blocked tear duct, following years of repeated infections in that eye. I had the procedure where the doctor attempts to open the duct with a probe. It was painful and didn't help. Surgery was not advised. So I just have to live with it, some days my eye doesn't bother me , other days tears roll down my cheeks, very annoying in cold weather.
I can't wear mascara, or powder eye shadow, it goes claggy.
And my eyes were my best feature once, too ! Unfair, isn't it ?

Alypoole Fri 16-Apr-21 11:27:10

Both my eyes water always when I’m outside. I privately saw a consultant last week and he ‘probed’ both eyes and then washed them with brine. It was unpleasant but not as bad as it sounds. I walked on air for a few hours as I thought it had been resolved however the following morning it was back to square one. He mentioned an operation but I’m not sure these are very successful. I love/ need to wear eye makeup but most of the time look like a washed out mess.

jaylucy Fri 16-Apr-21 11:37:20

Are you sure that you have blocked ducts that has been diagnosed by an opthalmologist ?
Or is it just possible that your eyes are running because you actually have a condition that is causing dry eyes?.
Sounds a bit weird saying dry eyes when your eyes are constantly running, but your eyes can sometimes be producing the "wrong" type of tears, that don't contain the correct lipids so over - produce fluid to compensate!
I had an operation for a blocked tear duct and it was only successful for a year - further investigation showed that I actually had a sinus problem as well as a lack of lipids in my tears. I now use suitable eyedrops as and when.

Aldom Fri 16-Apr-21 13:22:22

I had surgery about four years ago for a blocked tear duct. The condition, which was severe, was diagnosed by an NHS opthalmologist. After surgery, which was done under local anesthetic, the eye was totally bloodshot and the surrounding area extremely swollen. An ice pack had to be applied several times a day, for several days. Slowly everything returned to normal. There was no pain following the surgery. I consider the operation to be a success. In very cold /windy weather the eye will produce tears, but nothing compared with how it used to be. I'm glad I had the operation.

Jane43 Sat 17-Apr-21 13:47:19

DH has had a problem with watering eyes for many years and eventually got to see a consultant. Both tear ducts were blocked and he had day surgery to unblock one of them. He had to have a stent in for a few weeks which was very uncomfortable but he put up with it well. When it came to the second, the surgeon found it was twisted so couldn’t guarantee any improvement. His eyes still water but not as badly as before. I bought him a pad in the shape of an eye mask filled with grains of wheat which you warm in the microwave then lie down with it covering your eyes. He gets relief form this but I have to nag him to use it.

Alypoole Sun 18-Apr-21 12:55:30

Aldom how do you think I should find this out? I have heard of the condition you described but I thought the consultant may have discovered this when I saw him. How was your tear problem eventually discovered? What drops do you use? I really want to get to the bottom of this. Thanks for your response.

Alypoole Mon 19-Apr-21 13:48:27

Any suggestions as to how I can find out if this is my problem. Not sure what to do next.

Aldom Tue 20-Apr-21 12:52:20

Hello Alypoole. I was referred by my GP to the NHS opthalmologist. I saw her in clinic at the GP surgery. She diagnosed the blocked tear duct and bletharitis. I also have dry eyes, a very long standing condition. Following the diagnosis I was referred to the eye clinic at the hospital. Some time afterwards I had the operation. I have no regrets. My eye was so sore from being wiped constantly. Life was difficult because the eye weeping caused blurred vision and the need to wipe was so intrusive. PM me if it would help.

Curlywhirly Tue 20-Apr-21 16:47:16

I was diagnosed by both my GP and Optician, as having dry eye (just one of my eyes was causing me problems). I used eye drops for about 3 years. When the problem became worse I decided to pay and saw an eye specialist. He said upon looking at the eye that he didn't think it was dry eye, but a blocked tear duct. He confirmed this after carrying out a procedure (from memory, I think he put saline drops in the duct and asked if I could taste salt; I couldn't, so this proved that the duct was blocked). I was then referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist, as the operation I needed was performed through the nose. Apparently my nasal bone was slightly bent, and it needed to be shaved in order for the specialist to access the tear duct. I had the operation under general anaesthetic and had a stent inserted. There was no pain, no bruising and the stent caused me no trouble. It was removed after a few weeks (I think it was 12). I did get an infection after about 2 weeks, but was given antibiotics which sorted it out. The surgeon obviously did a really good job; I have had no trouble with the eye since.

Alypoole Wed 21-Apr-21 14:06:26

Strangely enough he said I would taste salt but I didn’t. The solution came through my nose. I’m unsure what to do next although I have emailed the consultant ( private)to say it has had any effect.