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Broken wrist

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Elodie2019 Tue 13-Apr-21 07:53:06

Broke my wrist at end of January and had cast off two weeks ago. Lots of stiffness of course, but have numbness and tingling in hand, particularly thumb and middle finger which keeps me awake at night. Hospital says it might be carpal tunnel syndrome which is compression of nerve, and suggest surgery. Very worried about this as it may not work and could leave me with more nerve damage. Would love to hear if anyone had this and did they have surgery or try to overcome with exercises and cortisone injections? Maybe I should try to persevere as it is only three weeks since cast has been off.

Shropshirelass Tue 13-Apr-21 07:57:48

Have you thought of trying Bowen Therapy. It is very good, very gentle and worth considering, surgery should be the last option. Bowen is my first point of call for all sorts of things.

Charleygirl5 Tue 13-Apr-21 08:07:44

It is too soon to consider surgery yet. There are specific tests that can be carried out to find out if it is carpal tunnel syndrome but it is only 2 weeks since the POP was removed. Let the fracture heal first and slowly get your hand and fingers moving again. What type of fracture was it-a Colles or Scaphoid?

grannysyb Tue 13-Apr-21 08:10:56

I have had carpal tunnel surgery on both of my wrists, worked really well.

Sunlover Tue 13-Apr-21 08:14:29

I’ve broken both my wrists(not at the same time) over the last 5 years. I found having physio once the cast was off very helpful in regaining full use and motion of my wrists.

Margiknot Tue 13-Apr-21 08:21:12

Have you had any physiotherapy advice? I have trouble with my wrist after a scaphoid injury ( small carpal bone in the wrist- so a different injury to yours) - and wore a splint at night to help with the resulting pain and painful numbness. I also have exercises which I return to from time to time.

Rowantree Tue 13-Apr-21 09:03:53

I fractured my scaphoid in February and though it's healing well, I have numbness in my little finger, assumed by the physio to be ulna nerve damage. Nerve issues can take months to resolve, so best not to go for surgery till you've given it time to heal and had physiotherapy. Presumably you've been given exercises by the physio? Be rigorous with exercises, research some of your own, but give it as much time as you can to improve before opting for surgery.

Ella2001 Wed 14-Apr-21 00:26:07

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Charleygirl5 Wed 14-Apr-21 07:21:08


PBKNOX Tue 27-Apr-21 06:51:34

I think it's too early to take a surgery decision. Try some other options, including physical therapy. Years before, I have also experienced tingling and numbness in my finger, especially on the thumb and index. It was a mild symptom of carpal tunnel. As I caught it early, I had recovered through Physical therapy. During the course, my physiotherapist taught some exercises including, arm extension, wrist bending, etc. He also advised me to have magnesium rich food items, as it has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce swelling and relax muscles. Or if you are in an urgency of surgery, you should do it as soon as possible. You can also perform physiotherapy immediately after your surgery, can also perform after your surgery to regain strength, range of movements

Yoginimeisje Fri 30-Apr-21 09:29:52

Elodie Sorry to hear about your broken wrist.

Took me a year to get my hand back to normal, with lots of very painful physio from the hospital, did lots at home too, but not the painful type.

When I first broke it, A&E put it into a caste, lucky for me I had past out before they manipulated it back into position.
After a week I was feeling tons better, would have liked a smaller caste to make movement easier, but was told I needed an op! I was on stand by for 3days, went in for op, only to have it cancelled last minute.

Finally had op, dangerous reaction to morphine! The pain after the op was off the scales, couldn't move fingers. Wish I'd never had the op, wish I'd waited to see if it was healing ok without & took it from there after a year or so.

Sorry can't really give you advise. Wish you speedy recovery.

dogsaremagic Wed 26-Jan-22 16:28:42

Hi Broke my wrist on 5/1 after falling on an unseen patch of ice and had to have a metal plate put in which was on 17/1. Surgeon had to rebreak the bones apparently to reset them correctly so a lot of pain for few hours with iv pain relief after but then that settled and went on to tablets. The thing is I think when I fell I sort of rocked back onto my elbow so as well as pains that come and go in different parts of my hand and wrist my elbow is stiff and hurts when I straighten my arm, I can feel something ping under the elbow joint. Also my hand feels cold in the evenings which just makes it worse. Trying to remain positive but I do have my moments, especially when bored during day when husband at work.